Scholarship Information Session

Eligibility Information

Students must be admitted to Fairhaven College during the award period in order to apply for scholarships and grants.

Scholarships open to all regardless of citizenship status. Students can be full or part-time.

Awards will be divided over Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Renewal applications on this page at the bottom of the scholarships list. 

    Renewal is not automatic. It is contingent on an application that justifies renewal and continued success meeting the criteria for the scholarship.

    How to Apply


    Each Scholarship listed below has its own application criteria. Please see specific scholarship descriptions and applications for requirements. If you are applying to multiple scholarships, you cannot submit the identical essay for each application. Each essay MUST specifically address the criteria and spirit of the scholarship. If your essay does not address the specifics of the scholarship, then it will be rendered ineligible.


    April 5, 2024.

    Application Forms - Instructions

    Students applying for more than one scholarship must submit a separate application for each scholarship. **You must fill out the form or else your application will not be complete.**

    Letter of Recommendation

    Copy and send this link to the people writing your letters of recommendation. Fairhaven College recommendation form . A single letter of recommendation can be used for multiple scholarship applications. Letters of recommendation can be written by faculty or community members.

    Fairhaven Scholarships

    Audio Technology, Music, and Society

    • Royal Hanson President’s Academic Scholarship for Audio Technology, Music, and Society Students:  A transformational, boutique scholarship for artists, rebels and revolutionaries that covers full tuition and fees for one academic year and is renewable for up to four years. This scholarship is for students of high merit with talent, vision, and ambition who want to use audio recording and music to create, innovate and shake things up and make this a better world for all peoples. Its purpose is to inspire and support critical thought, artistic expression, risk-takers and change leaders.  Students must be enrolled in Fairhaven College and have declared the Audio Technology, Music, and Society minor during the scholarship period. Applications from students who plan to meet these requirements but are not currently enrolled and/or declared are welcome.


    • Carten Family: This scholarship covers full in-state tuition and fees for one academic year. This scholarship is for a student with entrepreneurial, non-profit, or self-employment interest. Preference for students studying computer science or self-employment.

    Food Production


    Healing Arts & Alternative Medicine

    • Pat Karlberg: This scholarship covers full in-state tuition and fees for one academic year. This scholarship is for a student who has demonstrated interest in the healing arts and alternative medicine.


    • Offered by Robert Keller. A $1000/year award intended for a Fairhaven College student with an interest or concentration focus in history.


    • Harvey Gelder: $500 for a student with a demonstrated interest in math and/or science.

    Social Justice

    Visual Arts



    College of the Environment/Fairhaven

    The Elliot Scott Memorial Scholarship Endowment is intended to provide scholarships to deserving College of the Environment/Fairhaven students pursuing a degree in sustainable farming or related permaculture work.

    Please apply though the CENV Scholarship Application. Application Open Now !

    Renewable Scholarships

    Recipients of renewable scholarships must submit the following by the date indicated in your renewal letter:

    • a short essay addressing your academic progress
    • an unofficial copy of your transcript
    • any other materials requested in the renewal letter



    WWU Diversity Scholarships


    Other Scholarship Opportunities

    WWU's Scholarship Office  offers many scholarships in leadership, diversity, special interest, etc.. 


    The Whatcom Community Foundation is offering a selection of diversity scholarships intended specifically for WWU students.