Eligibility Information

Students must be formally admitted to or enrolled in Fairhaven College during the award period in order to be eligible for Fairhaven College scholarships and grants.

Awardees must enroll for a minimum of 12 credits per quarter.

Scholarships open to all regardless of citizenship status.

Awards will be divided over Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Recipients of renewable scholarships must submit the following by the date indicated in your renewal letter:

  • a short essay addressing your academic progress
  • an unofficial copy of your transcript
  • any other materials requested in the renewal letter

Renewal is not automatic. It is contingent on an application that justifies renewal and continued success meeting the criteria for the scholarship.

How to Apply


Each Scholarship listed below has its own application criteria. Please see specific scholarship descriptions and applications for requirements. If you are applying to multiple scholarships, you cannot submit the identical essay for each application. Each essay MUST specifically address the criteria and spirit of the scholarship. If your essay does not address the specifics of the scholarship, then it will be rendered ineligible.


**Monday April 19th, 2021**

Application Forms - Instructions

Students applying for more than one scholarship must submit a separate application for each scholarship. **You must fill out the form or else your application will not be complete.**

Letter of Recommendation

Copy and send this link to the people writing your letters of recommendation. . A single letter of recommendation can be used for multiple scholarship applications. Letters of recommendation can be written by faculty or community members.

Fairhaven Scholarships

Audio Technology, Music, and Society

  • Royal Hanson President’s Academic Scholarship for Audio Technology, Music, and Society Students  A transformational, boutique scholarship for artists, rebels and revolutionaries.  The scholarship is for students of high merit with talent, vision, and ambition who want to use audio recording and music to create, innovate and shake things up and make this a better world for all peoples. Its purpose is to inspire and support critical thought, artistic expression, risk-takers and change leaders.  The scholarship is renewable for up to four years.


  • Carten Family: full one-year scholarship for a student with entrepreneurial, non-profit, or self-employment interest. Preference for students studying computer science or self-employment.

Food Production


Healing Arts & Alternative Medicine

  • Pat Karlberg: Full one-year scholarship for a student who has demonstrated interest in the healing arts and alternative medicine.


  • Harvey Gelder: $500 for a student with a demonstrated interest in math and/or science.

Social Justice

Visual Arts

Women’s Studies

  • Beverly Malmstad: $750 for a full-time female-identified student studying Humanities and the Arts with an interest in Women Studies.


Renewal Scholarships


The Elliot Scott Memorial Scholarship Endowment is intended to provide scholarships to deserving Huxley/Fairhaven students pursuing a degree in sustainable farming or related permaculture work.

Please apply though the Huxley site by March 28th.


WWU Diversity Scholarships

The Whatcom Community Foundation is offering a selection of diversity scholarships intended specifically for WWU students. These scholarships have been funded by friends and alumni of Western and are intended to help advance the mission of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion at WWU.

Deadline: 04/30/2021

Amount: Varies


Available scholarships include:

Rivendell Scholarship

  • A preference will be made to applicants who, in descending order of priority:
  1.  Come from an underrepresented group
  2.  Demonstrate financial need

       Application Location: Link to Application

Camber Scholarship

  • Preference given to Black/African Students with financial need in good academic standing.

       Application Location: Link to Application

Eunice Segilola Akinrinade Scholarship

  • Scholarship with preference for Black/Afro-designated student in Law, Diversity and Justice (LDJ) Concentration or LDJ minor or Human Rights minor w/financial need.

       Application Location: Link to Application

Huxley BIPOC Environmental Justice Scholarship

  • To support members of Black, Indigenous, and POC communities, ensure their access to the environmental fields, and establish their place at the table as environmental justice advocates through scholarship support.  This scholarship will be awarded to a passionate Huxley College major or pre-major who is a member of a BIPOC community focused on environmental advocacy and in financial need.

       Application Location: Link to Application

Western Stands for Racial Equity Fund

  • To provide scholarships for Black/African American Students.

       Application Location: Link to Application

CSE Supporting Black Students in STEM

  • For students who self-identify as Black and are enrolled in or are interested in a STEM major or minor at Western Washington University in the College of Science and Engineering.

       Application Location: Link to Application

CSD BIPOC Scholarship 

  • For students in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Preference shall be given to students who identify as: Black, Indigenous or Persons of Color (BIPOC); for either incoming or current graduate students.

       Application Location: Link to Application

Marsha P Johnson Scholarship

  • Preference shall be made to students who identify as LGBTQ+ and Black/African American

       Application Location: Link to Application

Jose S Velasquez Memorial Scholarship

  • To provide support for incoming Western Washington University students. Whenever possible, preference will be made to Filipino applicants who are transferring to WWU from a community college.

       Application Location: Link to Application

MSCM Diversity Scholarship

  • Preference made to applicants who, in descending order of priority: Are enrolled in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management or Operations Management programs in the College of Business and Economics at WWU; Have made “significant impact” to improving the inclusive environment of the MSCM and/or Operations Management program, as determined by the scholarship committee on a year-to-year basis. Preference given to female-identifying and/or BIPOC students.

       Application Location: Link to Application

BECU Scholarship for Inclusiveness in Education

  • For WWU Students who are Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC)

       Application Location: Link to Application