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Eligibility Information

Students must be formally admitted to or enrolled in Fairhaven College during the award period in order to be eligible for Fairhaven College scholarships and grants.

Awardees must enroll for a minimum of 12 credits per quarter.

Scholarships open to all regardless of citizenship status.

Awards will be divided over Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Recipients of renewable scholarships must submit the following by the date indicated in your renewal letter:

  • a short essay addressing your academic progress
  • an unofficial copy of your transcript
  • any other materials requested in the renewal letter

Renewal is not automatic. It is contingent on an application that justifies renewal and continued success meeting the criteria for the scholarship.

How to Apply


Each Scholarship listed below has its own application criteria. Please see specific scholarship descriptions and applications for requirements. If you are applying to multiple scholarships, you cannot submit the identical essay for each application. Each essay MUST specifically address the criteria and spirit of the scholarship. If your essay does not address the specifics of the scholarship, then it will be rendered ineligible.


Friday, May 8th 2020 at 5:00pm PST (unless otherwise noted)

Application Forms - Instructions

Students applying for more than one scholarship must submit a separate application for each scholarship. **You must fill out the form or else your application will not be complete.**


Copy and send this link to the people writing your letters of recommendation.  


Annis J. Hovde Scholarship Application

Beverly Malmstad Scholarship Application

Beverly Malmstad Scholarship RENEWAL Application*

Blake Grinstein Scholarship

Blake Grinstein Scholarship RENEWAL Application*

Brentwood Slide Scholarship Application

Carten Family Scholarship Application

Conant Dodge Memorial Scholarship Application

Conant Dodge Memorial Scholarship RENEWAL Application*

Department Tuition & Fee Waiver Scholarship Application

Don McLeod Scholarship Application

Don McLeod Scholarship RENEWAL Application*

Fairhaven College Alumni Association Leader Scholarship Application

Harvey Gelder Scholarship Application

Kathleen Keller Memorial Scholarship Application

Kobata and Sons Scholarship for Future Farmers Application

Pat Karlberg Scholarship Application

Woodring Fairhaven Scholarship Application



*Applications marked with an "*" are for renewals only