Human Rights Minor

Faculty and students participate in a Human Rights workshop.

In Fall 2021, Western launched the Human Rights Minor, an interdisciplinary program that provides students the opportunity to become familiar with theoretical, historical, and comparative perspectives on human rights, domestic and international. Western’s minor in Human Rights, a combined program of study offered through Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies (FCIS) and the Ray Wolpow Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity (RWI), will contribute to the development of students as well-educated, active, and engaged citizens through a vibrant learning community. The minor works off and expands the core values of the university and supplements academic majors in all university programs/departments.
Human rights education integrates exploration of the questions of human freedom at the core of traditional liberal arts education with a critical examination of the institutions designed to promote and protect human freedom in the past and in the contemporary world. Because of its flexibility, the minor in Human Rights course of study complements any majors within the University and is open to all students at Western.
With 2 core requirements and 93 other university-wide course options, a minor in Human Rights will provide a background for graduate study in an appropriate discipline where scholarship can focus on human rights, or in careers that incorporate human rights advocacy, including journalism, filmmaking, the practice of law or medicine, teaching, policy analysis, or service in government or intergovernmental or nongovernmental entities.

Program Information
WWU Catalog – Minor in Human Rights.

Admission and Declaration Process
There are no prerequisites for declaring a minor in Human Rights. Declaration of the minor is done through the Registrar’s minor declaration e-form.  Please forward the form to Babafemi Akinrinade upon completion.

Minor Advising
Advisors are available to assist you with questions about the content of the minor and course planning/sequencing.
Prof. Babafemi Akinrinade
Schedule an appointment

Contact Prof. Niall Ó Murchú for appointment

Minor Evaluation
Please complete the Minor Declaration and Change e-form and submit to Babafemi Akinrinade

Graduation Procedure for Minor Evaluations
Please contact Prof. Akinrinade for a minor evaluation two quarters prior to graduation. Provide your name and W# with your request and you will be contacted with your complete evaluation.

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