Advising at Fairhaven

Faculty as advisors

The role of the faculty advisor is to mentor, advise, question, recommend resources, and ultimately, oversee and approve the student's satisfaction of degree requirements for graduation. The faculty advisor is a useful resource for facilitating connections for students with other departments and classes on campus; the advisor can also be an influential and important advocate for students seeking internships, study abroad recommendations, exceptions to policies, and graduate school information and references. Faculty advisors review each student's writing portfolio, facilitate student transition conferences, and are essential mentors in supporting the development of the student interdisciplinary concentrations.

Faculty Profiles

Advising Coordinator

A professional Advising Coordinator oversees the complex system of advising at Fairhaven. This person advises new students regarding credit evaluation, degree planning, graduation processes, narrative assessment, and programs and services in the community outside the college. The Advising Coordinator regularly reviews the academic progress of each Fairhaven student and works with faculty advisors, support personnel, and students to promote retention and satisfactory academic progress.


Jackie McClure
Advising Coordinator
Fairhaven College, Room 348
(360) 650-3682

Peer Mentors

Our Peer Mentors are current Fairhaven College students who help welcome and acclimate new students to the college. They provide new students with advising information particular to Fairhaven College-- our processes, resources and degree planning--serving as leaders and community-builders. Peer Mentors help acclimate and welcome new students to Fairhaven College by helping plan, organize and conduct Fairhaven's New Student Orientation activities and continue their connection with new students by serving as mentors in the quarterly FAIR 101A, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies course which enrolls all new Fairhaven College students in their first quarter. Outreach Peer mentors also give tours of Fairhaven and help with Explore Fairhaven Week in February.