World Issues Forum

Wednesdays 4:00-5:20pm

The World Issues Forum challenges students, faculty, staff, and community members to be active and engaged global citizens. Distinguished guest speakers address urgent global justice topics including    planetary survival; decolonization and anti-racism; human rights; migrations; and the world economy. You can access older World Issues Forums 2009-2020 on WWU Cedar

Upcoming Forum

The World Issues Forum will return in September 2021.

Spring Quarter 2021 Forum Lineup



April 7th
Tourism Economies & Indigenous Struggles
Prof. Bianet Castellanos & Prof. Christopher Loperena

April 7, 2021 World Issues   VIDEO



April 14th
From Global Learning to Public Health
Rachel Clark, Rachel Lee, & Tim Werwie
 Past Adventure Learning Grant Recipients

April 14, 2021 World Issues   VIDEO



April 21st
The White Savior Industrial Complex
Jamie Willer Lesley University & Corrine Mina Lesley University

April 21, 2021 World Issues VIDEO


Kamala Todd in a baseball cap  stands in front of a grassy hill

April 28th
Urban Land Knowledge: Reflecting on Stories of Place
Kamala Todd, Filmmaker & Educator

April 28, 2021 World Issues VIDEO



May 5th
Putting Local History to Work for Social Justice
Prof. Josh Cerretti, History & WGSS, WWU

May 5, 2021 World Issues VIDEO




May 12th
From the Challenges of the Adventure Learning Grant to Enduring Global Engagement
Susannah Arnhart, Kathryn Johnson, & Anna Van de Grift.Past Adventure Learning Grant Recipients

May 12, 2021 World Issues VIDEO



May 19th
Adventure Learning Grant 2019-2020
Raquel Diego, Emma FitzGerell, Emma Owens, & Gus Wimberger

May 19th, 2021 World Issues VIDEO

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