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World Issues Forum Fall 2023

Welcome to Fairhaven College’s FAll 2023 World Issues Forum (WIF). World Issues is Western Washington University’s human rights and global justice speaker series. The WIF challenges students, faculty, staff, and community members to be active and engaged global citizens. Distinguished guest speakers address urgent global justice topics including planetary survival; decolonization and anti-racism; human rights; migrations; and the world economy.

We’re very excited to reopen the Forums in the Fairhaven Auditorium in person to campus and community members. The WIF can also be accessed via:

Zoom Link

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Upcoming World Issues Forum

There are no upcoming forums at this time—please check back in for updates!

Fall Quarter 2023 Forum Lineup

October 4th

Darrell Hillaire from the Lhaq’temish (Lummi) Nation

Jesintel: Living Wisdom from Coast Salish Elders – WWU Book Launch 

October 11th

Shilla Adyero, Founder/Director Lutino Adunu-Children Loved NGO.

Crafting Local Solutions to Address Grassroot Challenges

October 25

Q&A with Lulaine Childs: Co-Executive Producer, Madan Sara

November 1st

David Leblang, Professor of Politics & Public Policy, University of Virginia

People in Motion

November 8th

Elisa Snicker, Liisa Klemola and Bryn Lane

The Finnish Health Care System

November 15th

Cedric Johnson, Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Policing Surplus Population: Thoughts on the Limits of Black Lives Matter


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