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Core Curriculum

The Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum replaces WWU General University Requirements for Fairhaven College students, regardless of choice of major.

Fairhaven's unique core program includes a series of courses designed to widen students' exposure to areas of study, to connections among disciplines and to interdisciplinary theory and practice. Its purpose is to help students become perceptive, probing learners who can ask questions and pursue answers with care and confidence. Skills in reading, writing, presentation and analysis are emphasized. Each course deals with methods of knowing and understanding, themes, modes of creativity and practical applications to be found in each area of study.

Liberal arts coursework in the "Exploratory Studies" sequence of the Core Curriculum has been carefully crafted as interdisciplinary foundational coursework. Additional courses in the Core foster skills for independent learning, support enhancement of college-level writing skills, advance the development of the Interdisciplinary Concentration, provide opportunity for applied learning and promote reflection and evaluation of the educational experience.

Core classes are characterized by:

  • Collaborative seminar format
  • Small classes to encourage interaction (15-20 students)
  • Strong mentoring/advising
  • Thematic interdisciplinary studies mirroring the shape of complex issues
  • Instruction shared by faculty members adapting diverse themes of their disciplinary expertise to core studies