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Research and Creative Opportunities for Undergraduates Grant, $100-500/project

Fairhaven College Student Development Grants

The Student Development Grant is awarded from Fairhaven College Foundation funds to assist Fairhaven students with the material costs of academic projects. Maximum amount of a grant is $100. The selection for these grants is often very competitive, so the more clearly written your proposal is the better chance you have of receiving an award.

Please document and take videos of your project. We want to show off your work on our website and social media!!!! You can send this content to


  • You must be a Fairhaven student.
  • Be clear about what you want to do and articulate how it connects to your studies. Usually a single page serves the purpose.
  • Submit a clear itemized budget.

The student Development Grant award is made through reimbursement of viable costs through original receipts. In other words, you incur the cost and we will reimburse you for those costs, up to the amount of the award. Submitted receipts should reflect costs directly connected to the project proposed in the application.

Expenses and activities that are NOT allowed:

  • You may not make a direct profit from this award.
  • Reimbursement may not be for food, alcohol or other entertainment expenses.
  • Although payment for outside lessons is an allowable expense, the person should be an established teacher/instructor, not your friend down the hall.
  • This grant can not be used to compensate Fairhaven faculty or for an Fairhaven-subsidized event.
  • The grant will not be awarded for text books.

The Committee may give priority:

1. Senior Projects

2. For proposals from those who have not yet received a grant.

Terms of the grant:

  • You must use the money for the purpose stated in your proposal.
  • If you don't use all the funds for your proposed project, the remainder of the allocation will revert to the Student Development Grant fund,
  • Original receipts MUST be submitted.

Student Development Grant Application Requirements:

In addition to the filling out the application form, attach a typed response to the following questions:

  1. Have you been awarded this grant previously? If yes, when? For what purpose?
  2. What will the grant money be used for? Include a budget.
  3. Describe how this activity is related to your study at Fairhaven College.
  4. Attach supporting documents (such as conference, materials if appropriate).

Fairhaven Student Development Grant Application

How to Get Reimbursed:

Quarterly Deadlines:

  • Fall Qtr - Tuesday, November 1st by 5:00pm 
  • Winter Qtr - Feb 9, 2024
  • Spring Qtr - April 9, 2024