Audio Technology, Music and Society Minor

Audio Technology, Music & Society Minor

**Prospective Student-Tour & Information Session: Audio Technology, Music & Society**

Wednesday, January 29th, 2:00-3:00 Info session with Fairhaven College Studio Tour, 
(it is the responsibility of the prospective student to be able to transport themselves to the downtown studio).
Open to All WWU students (You do NOT need to be enrolled in Fairhaven College to be considered for this minor.)

This minor provides study in audio recording techniques, augmented by the study of music and music’s role in our society as entertainment, as cultural representation and as a tool for social critique. Bridging the practice of making music with communicating music in the wider society, students are invited to link their interests drawing on resources from all over campus. 

FAIR Audio Technology CORE class registration policies: 

Students admitted to Fairhaven College's program are given registration priority for most FAIR classes during PHASE I of registration.  During PHASE II of registration FAIR 270 H (Audio Recording I) will be opened to all WWU students for enrollment & addition to waiting lists.  See ClassFinder for prerequisites and Minor restrictions for other classes in the minor.   

Minor Declaration / Admission Process

FAIR 270H (Audio Recording I) completion or current enrollment is required to be admitted to the Audio Technology, Music & Society minor

Advising For Minor Declaration contact Anna Blick or the Fairhaven College Office at 360-650-6680 or Room 348, Fairhaven College building.

Advising & Degree Evaluation for students declared and/or admitted to the minor, contact one of the minor Faculty Advisors: Mark Miyake.

Audio Technology, Music & Society Minor Degree requirements:

TOTAL REQUIRED CREDITS Minimum of 30 credits

CORE: Required (19-23) credits

FAIR 270H Audio Recording I (4 cr.)

FAIR 370I Intro to Pro Tools (4 cr.)

FAIR 370J Studio Recording I (4 cr.)

FAIR 370K Studio Recording II (4 cr)

MUS 101 Fundamentals of Music (2 cr.)

MUSIC & SOCIETY: two classes selected from the list:

FAIR 336V Topics in Art: Sound Applications in Music (or other topics as approved) (4 cr.)

FAIR 334Q Science and Music of Natural Sounds (4 cr.)

FAIR 336M Topics in Music and Society (4 cr.)

FAIR 255Y Folk Music Experience (repeatable but only one section may be applied to the minor) (2 cr.)

MUS 205 Survey of Non-Western Musical Cultures (3 cr.)

MUS 305 Music of the Pacific Rim (3 cr.)

FAIR 353V Art in the Public Sphere (if music related topic?) (4 cr.)

FAIR 355Y Art and Social Activism (if music related topic?) (4 cr.)

FAIR 353Y Songwriting Workshop (4 cr.)

OTHER ELECTIVES: 7-11 credits by advisement

Other courses and/or independent studies may be substituted with permission of minor advisor. May also include any classes from the Music and Society list not applied to the Core.

FAIR 336V Topics in Art: (approved topics) (4 cr.)

FAIR 353Y Songwriting Workshop (4 cr.)

MUS 105 Popular & Rock Music Survey (3 cr.)

MUS 232 Computer Music Seminar (2 cr.)

MUS 230 Introduction to Electroacoustical Music (2 cr.)

MUS 432 Electroacoustical Music (2 cr.)

JOUR 190 Introduction to Mass Media (5 cr.)

JOUR 375 Diversity, Mass Media and Social Change (4 cr.)

COMM 244 Advocacy Through Media (4 cr.)

COMM 430 Visual Rhetoric (5 cr.)

Students are expected to meet prerequisites to access classes, as appropriate and defined by the department.