Audio Technology, Music and Society Minor

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Open to All WWU students (You do NOT need to be enrolled in Fairhaven College to be considered for this minor.)

This minor provides study in audio recording techniques, augmented by the study of music and music’s role in our society as entertainment, as cultural representation and as a tool for social critique. Bridging the practice of making music with communicating music in the wider society, students are invited to link their interests drawing on resources from all over campus.

Audio Technology, Music & Society Minor Degree requirements:

TOTAL REQUIRED CREDITS Minimum of 30 credits

For a full listing of courses approved for use in the Audio Technology, Music, and Society minor, please see the Program of Study listing.


Please direct inquiries regarding course substitutions for the minor or approval of independent studies that may count towards the minor to program advisor Mark Miyake 

Bellingham Girls Rock Camp

Bellingham Girls Rock Camp provides fun and inclusive spaces for girls and queer youth. We encourage self-empowerment through music and anti-racist action, working together toward collective liberation.


How do I declare the Audio Technology, Music, and Society minor?

To declare the ATMS minor, you must first complete FAIR 270H: Introduction to Audio Technology. Once you do so, please fill out Section 1 of the following esign form, indicating you wish to declare the Audio Minor in the comments section and route it to Emily Marrs at the bottom of the Minor Declaration and Change Form

Whom do I talk to for advising?

Mark Miyake is the primary advisor for the Audio Technology, Music, and Society minor. To connect with him, please email him at Mark Miyake.

How do I register for FAIR 270H?

If you are not admitted to Fairhaven College, you are eligible to register for FAIR 270H during Phase II of registration. If the course is full, we encourage you to get on the waitlist. FAIR 270H is typically offered every quarter, including over the summer. For specific registration dates, check WWU Registrar Important Dates & Deadlines.

I am unable to register for FAIR 270H this term but would like to start working towards the completion of the Audio Technology, Music, and Society minor. Is this possible?

Yes! FAIR 270H is only a prerequisite for the 3-4 course studio recording sequence. This constitutes only one part of this minor and there are many other courses available that are directly applicable to scholarship and professional careers in music and audio. For a full list of courses available that are applicable to the minor, please see the ATMS minor page on the University Catalog.

If you have questions regarding potential course substitutions or independent studies that may apply to the minor, please contact Mark Miyake.

I already have a background in audio technology. Do I still have to register for FAIR 270H? How can I register for a more advanced course given my existing background?

If you have not taken a course in audio technology at an accredited institution of higher education, you are required to start your audio technology work here at Fairhaven College with FAIR 270H. Regardless of your skill and experience level, due to the familiarity on specific equipment needed to work in our recording studios, a formal structured background is necessary. If you do have higher education credits in this field and would like to discuss waiving prerequisites for studio courses, please contact Mark Miyake.

I declared the Audio Technology, Music, and Society minor. Do I get access to ATMS courses during Phase I of registration now even though I’m not a Fairhaven College student?

No, even though you have declared your ATMS minor, as a non-Fairhaven student, you do not get Phase I registration priority. You will be able to register for FAIR courses during Phase II. For specific registration dates, check WWU Registrar calendars 2023.

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Where do I get my Minor Evaluation for graduation?

To complete your minor evaluation for your graduation application, please contact Mark Miyake. This can be done at any time, and you do not need to wait until you are ready to apply for graduation.



Collection of company names illustrating where current and recent grads from the Audio Technology, Music and Society program are working



Questions related to COVID-19 and the 2020-2021 academic year

Will studio courses be offered for the 2020-2021 academic year?

Yes. FAIR 270H, FAIR 370I, FAIR 370J, and FAIR 370K—all of the courses that rely on the use of the Fairhaven College Recording Studio and the Champion Street Recording Studio—will be offered during the academic year unless regional conditions change and force the closure of all shared spaces at WWU. At this time, there is no specific indication from WWU or the State of Washington that this is likely to occur.

What precautions are being taken to make the recording studios a safer environment in which to work?

Student use of the recording studios takes place under strict procedures developed by the ATMS faculty, Fairhaven College, WWU Environmental Health and Safety, WWU Facilities Management, and other campus departments. These procedures require social distancing including room and facility occupation quotas, the wearing of gloves and masks at all times, attestations of personal health and procedural awareness immediately prior to each instance of studio use, and other practices designed to insure the health and safety of students, faculty, and anyone utilizing the recording studios. These procedures all meet, or, in most cases, exceed state health and safety standards. Questions regarding specific policies or requests for studio use guidelines may be directed towards Mark Miyake at

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