Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies

American Cultural Studies

What we do

  • Explore the formation of identities and societies through issues such as race/ ethnicity, social and cultural theory, social economic class, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Concentrate on the Americanization process and American cultural institutions and/or American cultural values.
  • Examine and question the concepts of privilege, silence and voice.
  • Encourage students to become critical thinkers who will be well prepared to work for social change.
  • Cross the disciplines of Social Sciences with Humanities to prepare students for advanced study in law, domestic social services, public service, government service, education or continuing study of Ethnic Studies and other social sciences at the graduate level.

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Degree Options

Students working within the American Cultural Studies program have multiple options available to them, including ACS majors and minors as well as the TESOL Certification. Students do not have to be admitted to Fairhaven College to major in ACS, and likewise admitted Fairhaven students may choose to complete a traditional WWU Major or Minor, including ACS. WWU Catalog >
For more information contact Midori Takagi.