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Independent Study (ISPs)

Independence in learning is a hallmark of a Fairhaven College education.

Independent Study Projects (ISPs) allow students to explore new areas of study, to deepen study or to undertake applied work in areas that are not readily available in the curriculum at Fairhaven or Western. Independent Study is a valuable complement to traditional methods of instruction and learning, allowing students to pursue individual academic interests at their own pace.

ISPs give students a chance to work in close relationships with faculty or other professionals and experts in a subject area, and help students build confidence and skills necessary to continue learning throughout life.

Independent Study Projects can take many forms including individualized research, creative endeavors, practica, internships, field work, international travel, service learning, group study, and collaborative projects. Faculty members sponsor and monitor these projects and help students develop resources necessary to complete them. (click here)

Independent Study in the Fairhaven Curriculum

Students are expected to design independent study projects that explore questions of personal interest in order to deepen their interdisciplinary knowledge and skill.

Independent study is an integral part of the Fairhaven College curriculum, which encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and move from the skills of critiquing and interpreting knowledge to constructing knowledge. Fairhaven students are expected to include ISPs as 10%-25% of total their Concentration credits.

Independent Study Guidelines (click here)

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