Carten Family Scholarship

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Carten Family Scholarship
Established by Jane and Terry Carten, this in-state tuition and fees scholarship is awarded once annually to a Fairhaven student who demonstrates entrepreneurial aspirations, is interested in starting their own non-profit organization or plans for future self-employment; demonstrates strong creative thinking; and is studying computer science or an interdisciplinary concentration leading toward future self-employment (e.g., graphic design, jewelry-making, agriculture—businesses come in all shapes and sizes).
Application Requirements
To apply: 1. Students should create and submit an original website for the business the student aspires to launch. Websites should clearly showcase the student’s business concept, should be fun and creative, and demonstrate the student’s talents and qualifications. Website submissions will be evaluated based on their visual appeal and ability to convey the student’s business concept in a way that is creative, engaging, modern, thoughtful, and humorous. No more than 8 pages total; no external links. Students should provide a link to a pre-existing site. You may use whatever program/software works best for you. Squarespace Free Trial is a program students have used in the past. 2. Students must submit a statement of purpose that explains their business concept and provides relevant personal experiences and achievements. 3. Students must submit a biographical paragraph. 4. Copy of Unofficial Transcript.
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