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Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Awards

Smiling Ray Morgen  rest her chin on her clasped hands on a sunny day

Statement from the WWU Theatre Dept:

Congratulations to the No Exit cast, crew, and creative team for their hard work and wonderful production.  Our respondent from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival made the following awards from our production:  

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Tyler Durbin and Aisha Mansour

"From Duwamish Land to Palestine: Transnational Renewals of Solidarity in Seattle," Race and Antisemitism, special issue of Journal of Jewish Identities. Eds. Maxwell Greenberg and Laura Liebman. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, forthcoming.

Tyler Durbin

Fairhaven College senior with a LDJ Concentration in Jewish Studies, and (2) minors in History, and Holocaust and Genocide Studies, presented his research: “The Jewish Labor Bund, Zionism, and the Holocaust: History, Legacies, and Potential Futures,” at the 6th annual Undergraduate Judaic Studies Conference, Princeton University, on February 14, 2021.

Aleyda Marisol Cervantes Guttierez, Tahlia Natachu, Belina Letesus Seare, Tamara Lea Spira, Verónica Nelly Vélez, and Mollie Jean West

“The Demand: The Pasts, Presents, and Futures of Black, Indigenous, and Queer of Color Feminisms,” Gendering Globalization, Globalizing Gender: Post-
Colonial Perspectives, Ed. Gül Calistan, London: Oxford University Press, 305-324, 2020.

Dayjha MacMillon, Madi Stapleton, Tamara Lea Spira, and Verónica Nelly Vélez

"Abolishing the Cops in Our Heads, Hearts, and Homes: An Intergenerational Demand for Family Abolition," Abolition : A Journal of Insurgent Politics, forthcoming.

Rachel Malia Newkirk Video Essay

Rachel graduated June 2019 with a BA in Sociology, Minor in Film Studies, and from Fairhaven and WWU Honors College. She is passionate about representation in film, radical liberation and community-oriented politics, and feeding herself and the people she loves.

In Fall of 2016, I took a class with Dr. Ó Murchú where my final project was a video essay examining Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me. After the presentation, Niall asked about the video and editing process, and invited me to work as an Editing Specialist with him during Spring to actualize a video he had been working on. Together, we created Indigenizing Cricket, Nationalizing India, a nine minute exploration of some of the nationalist motifs in Ashutosh Gowariker’s 2001 classic Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India. Working with a pre-established analysis and script, my work on this project primarily consisted of storyboarding, audio and visual editing, and captioning the piece. It was an incredible learning and teaching opportunity, a great reminder of the reciprocity collaboration creates.

In 2019, Niall and I decided to work together again. We had the honor of collaborating with Dr. Sikata Banerjee to create Muscular Nationalism, the Female Body, and Sports in India. Serving as the sole organizer, creator, and editor on the project, I was offered more creative freedom to establish most of the visuals juxtapositions necessary to illustrate Dr. Banerjee’s analytical work. Highlighting many of the similarities used across the popular Indian women’s sports films Chak De! India (2007) and Dangal (2016), we successfully argued the manipulation of feminism as a modality for spreading muscular Hindu nationalism. I’ve found that working within the medium to explore and explain the medium is one of my favorite ways to understand cinema, and that I find the process of making video essays greatly challenging and rewarding. I hope to continue making video content across academic, political, theoretical, and genre lines.

Muscular Nationalism, the Female Body, and Sports in India video

Kevin Snyder (Fairhaven Senior) and Professor Niall Ó Murchú

Kevin Snyder (Fairhaven Senior) is helping Niall Ó Murchú to make an academic video essay about flag color motifs in Palestinian movies. Displays of the flag color combinations were prohibited in Israel and the Occupied Territories, but several directors pack their movies with flag colors. Our video compares flag colors in other global movies, and various identity symbols in Palestinian movies, as well as the prominence of red, green, black and white in Palestinian films. Kevin is a double major in Creative Writing (English) and Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Narrative Studies.

Monty Rozema, FAIR 335M Nutrition and Public Health

Monty Rozema created this video about micronutrients in FAIR 335M Nutrition and Public Health.



The Zine was completed by students in FAIR203: Borders and Boundaries, Spring 2020, in the midst of the pandemic and addresses borders issues in this historical moment.

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Yellow is My Favorite Color. This podcast highlights the work of Francia Orozco.
February 13, 2020
It’s hard to be vulnerable. It’s hard to express the array of emotions we feel when being undocumented. Francia Orozco has been using art to express vulnerability, sadness, and activism. She has known her entire life that she was meant to be an artist. She has the passion and urges to create art that represents the people from her community from migrant workers to womxn in nature. With bright colors and the beauty of nature--Francia has created art that is influenced by her Mexican heritage. She defined it as always longing for home--join us in My Favorite Color is Yellow. Show Notes: Francia's Instagram
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This podcast highlights the work of Dania Jaramillo
Dania Jaramillo is a writer, educator and young mother to her beautiful son, Julian. Dania shares with us her journey between Sinaloa, Mexico and Mount Vernon, Washington. She was a single teen mother on a mission to prove everyone wrong. From family dynamics, navigating higher education and wanting to abolish schools (yes, schools), Dania’s motto is to remain calm, cool and collected. She recently went viral on twitter when she shared a video being verbally assaulted for being an undocumented womxn. She expresses the effects it had on her family and how you mentally cope with the repercussions of going viral. Listen for a firsthand experience on a very powerful chingona. Shot of Truth presents La Novela de Dania.
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