About the Dean

Jack Herring became the Dean of Fairhaven College in 2013, having previously served for five years as the Dean of the Resident Undergraduate Program at Prescott College in Arizona.  Prior to that he taught in Environmental Studies at Prescott College in topics ranging from environmental chemistry, weather and climate to environmental policy and management.  

As the Dean of Fairhaven College, Jack has a wide range of responsibilities for the oversight of Fairhaven's faculty and staff and for the delivery of Fairhaven's curriculum.  He also gets to work directly with students as an advisor and, on occasion, when he is able to teach a class.  

Jack's research interests are primarily in the search for solutions to the most pressing of today's environmental and social quandaries.  While he always considers these problems in a systematic, global framework, he is often drawn to community-based solutions that scale better to our natural forms of human organization.  

When not in the office or reading email somewhere, Jack likes to be with his family or exploring the outstanding landscapes that surround Bellingham using any form of human-powered locomotion.