Fairhaven College Course Descriptions

Below you will find our current course descriptions.  Previous quarter course descriptions are also available by selecting the quarter and year you are searching for.  Electronic course descriptions are available back to winter 2009.  For information on days and times as well as location please visit ClassFinder.  To register for these classes log into Web4U. Important information about registration including deadlines and fees can be found on the Registrar's Office page.  For any questions about these course descriptions or for assistance with registration please call the Fairhaven College Office at 360-650-6680. Information on Fairhaven College Wait List Policies.

Non-Fairhaven Students

Most Fairhaven classes are open to all Western students who meet the prerequisites in Phase II of registration.

Core Requirements:

Classes determined to satisfy a Fairhaven Core requirement are grouped in the following categories:

  • Required Core
  •  Humanities and the Expressive Arts II
  • Science and Our Place on the Planet II
  •  Society and Individual II
  • Elective


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CRN Course Title Core Type Instructor
11933 FAIR 101A An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study At Fairhaven College Fairhaven Core Curriculum Anna Blick
13645 FAIR 201A Critical and Reflective Inquiry: Theme - Identity Politics Fairhaven Core Curriculum Adrian Villicana
13982 FAIR 201A Critical and Reflective Inquiry: Theme - Artistic Research Fairhaven Core Curriculum Robert Snyderman
13647 FAIR 201A Critical and Reflective Inquiry: Theme - Writing in Place Fairhaven Core Curriculum Stanley Tag
14232 FAIR 203A Social Relationships and Responsibility - Theme: POWER Fairhaven Core Curriculum Midori Takagi
13649 FAIR 203A Social Relationships and Responsibility: Whiteness Studies Fairhaven Core Curriculum Mark Miyake
13650 FAIR 203A Social Relationships and Responsibility - Theme: Theories of political mobilization, cultural resurgence and decolonization Fairhaven Core Curriculum Mary Baker
13658 FAIR 203A Social Relationships and Responsibility - Theme: Intersectionality Fairhaven Core Curriculum Kevin Delucio
11614 AMST 205 American Cultural Studies - Intro Asian American Studies Midori Takagi
13651 FAIR 206A Science and Our Place on the Planet I: Topic - Materials Ecology Fairhaven Core Curriculum John Tuxill
13669 FAIR 221J Interdisciplinary Writing: Storytelling and the Researched Personal Essay Elective Richard Simon
13681 FAIR 235B Experiential Farm Skills: Winter Elective Terri Kempton
13701 FAIR 246 Mariachi Music Performance and Culture Elective Mark Miyake
13652 FAIR 255Y Folk Music Experience Elective Mark Miyake
13979 FAIR 257V Art expression in textiles Elective Tori Talkington
13653 FAIR 270H Introduction to Audio Recording Elective Ezra Anisman
12350 AMST 301 American Cultural Studies - Comparative Cultural Studies Mo Wells
13655 FAIR 301A Writing & Transition Conference Fairhaven Core Curriculum Hilary Schwandt
13654 FAIR 303A Core: Interdisciplinary Concentration Seminar Fairhaven Core Curriculum Babafemi Akinrinade
13662 FAIR 312 DYI Music Business Humanities & Expressive Arts II Steven Sehman
14125 FAIR 314E Critical Pedagogy Elective Tania Douglas
13009 AMST 315 American Cultural Studies - Contemp American Indian Issues Mo Wells
13865 AMST 316 American Cultural Studies - Contmp African American Issues Brukab Sisay
14027 FAIR 316X Artful Sentences Humanities & Expressive Arts II Stanley Tag
13876 AMST 317 American Cultural Studies - Queer Theories and Methods Tamara Spira
14064 AMST 318 Contemp Arab American Studies Nada Elia
13657 FAIR 334L The Holocaust Society & the Individual II Babafemi Akinrinade
14195 FAIR 336B Ethical Tourism Society & the Individual II Lourdes Gutierrez Najera
13661 FAIR 336B Queering Families Society & the Individual II Tamara Spira
13678 FAIR 336N Environmental Disturbances Science & Our Place on the Planet II Abe Lloyd
14118 FAIR 336V Narrative Filmmaking Humanities & Expressive Arts II Scott Williams
13664 FAIR 336V Mixed & Multi-Media Art Humanities & Expressive Arts II John Feodorov
13679 FAIR 336V Arts as Therapy Humanities & Expressive Arts II Chris Brewer
14097 FAIR 336V Constructing Interventions Humanities & Expressive Arts II Robert Yerachmiel Sniderman
13977 FAIR 337 Race, Culture, Society Latin Caribbean Elective Hilary Schwandt
13659 FAIR 340T Psychology of Sexual Orientation Society & the Individual II Kevin Delucio
13680 FAIR 343U Embodied Mindfulness Elective Brandon Nichols
13674 FAIR 367B Introduction to Political Economy Society & the Individual II Niall O Murchu
13978 FAIR 370B Video Essays in Global Cinema Humanities & Expressive Arts II Niall O Murchu
13665 FAIR 370I Introduction to Pro Tools Elective Ezra Anisman
13666 FAIR 370J Studio Recording Elective Erik Wallace
13667 FAIR 370K Advanced Studio Recording Elective Erik Wallace
13663 FAIR 377 Music in Film Humanities & Expressive Arts II Steven Sehman
13980 FAIR 378 Psychology and Music Humanities & Expressive Arts II Adrian Villicana
14044 & 14229 FAIR 381G The Night Humanities & Expressive Arts II Yanara Friedland
13660 FAIR 390A Race in/to the Movies II: 1950-1980 Society & the Individual II Midori Takagi
13668 FAIR 393B Rights, Liberties and Justice in the U.S. Society & the Individual II Ceci Lopez
13878 AMST 397E American Cultural Studies - Hip Hop & Black Freedom Brukab Sisay
13671 FAIR 403A Core: Advanced Seminar Fairhaven Core Curriculum John Tuxill
14023 AMST 412 American Cultural Studies - Seminar in Educational Equity Margarita Ruiz Guerrero
14110 FAIR 412E Advanced Topic in Law: Criminal Procedure Society & the Individual II Nasheba Barzey
13677 FAIR 422K Advanced Legal Writing and Analysis Society & the Individual II Regina Jefferies
13676 FAIR 440N Ethnoecology: Conservation and Development Science & Our Place on the Planet II John Tuxill
13017 AMST 464 American Cultural Studies - Multicultural Ed for Teachers Jessica Stone
14086 FAIR 486E Indigenous Methodologies Brandon Joseph
12948 AMST 499 American Cultural Studies - Indigenous Methodologies Brandon Joseph