Law, Diversity and Justice Minor

Law, Diversity and Justice Minor

The Law, Diversity & Justice Minor offered by the Center for Law, Diversity and Justice is an interdisciplinary course of study for students who are interested in law, diversity and access to the legal system for under-served communities that includes the classes taught in the Law, Diversity and Justice Concentration. This rigorous curriculum, open to all Western students, is taught in seminars by a faculty that includes attorneys using law school texts. The minor welcomes students who desire to effect change and who have the potential to act as leaders and role models in their communities using legal knowledge and processes.  Law, Diversity & Justice Minor Requirements Total LDJ Minor Credits Required: minimum of 23-28 credits.

LDJ Minor Requirements

Admission to LDJ Minor:

1) FAIR 311b The American Legal System (5) or PLSC 311 Intro to Law and Judicial Process (5) (with grade of C or better), and

2) permission of the CLDJ Director. Additional LDJ Minor Coursework Required:

3) At least ONE of the following two courses:

FAIR 393b Rights, Liberties and Justice in America (4) or 

FAIR 334c International Human Rights (4), and

4) FAIR 412e Advanced Topics in Law (2-5) (topic varies by quarter) (pre-requisite is FAIR 311b or PLSC 311),and

5) FAIR 422k Advanced Legal Writing and Analysis (4) (senior year), and

6) Additional 8-10 elective credits (coursework related to diversity issues approved in advance by the CLDJ Director. These courses might be drawn from American Cultural Studies courses, Fairhaven courses, Political Science courses, Sociology courses or other appropriate electives with approval.)

Please direct questions to: Associate Professor Ceci Lopez, Director, Center for Law, Diversity & Justice (CLDJ),


Phone: (360) 650-2573