Law, Diversity and Justice Minor

About the Law, Diversity & Justice (LDJ) Minor

The Law, Diversity & Justice Minor offered by the Center for Law, Diversity and Justice is an interdisciplinary student-centered course of study for those interested in law, diversity and access to the legal system for under-served communities.

This rigorous curriculum, open to all Western students, is taught in seminars by faculty using law school texts - casebooks. The minor welcomes students who desire to effect change and who have the potential to act as leaders and role models in their communities using legal knowledge and processes. Total LDJ Minor Credits Required: minimum of 28-33 credits.

  1. PLSC311B-Intro to Law and Judicial Process (5) (with grade of C or better)
  2. At least ONE of the following two courses:
    • Fair393b Rights, Liberties and Justice in the US (5) or
    • Fair 334c International Human Rights (5) and
  3. At least ONE of the following two courses:
    • Fair412e Advance Topics in Law (2-5) (topic vary by quarter) (pre-requisite: Fair311b or Plsc311b) or
    • Fair334f International Law (5). and
  4. Minimum of 8 additional credits in consultation with minor advisor, students choose classes in topics of law in any department around campus.  Credits must be upper-level credits (300 and 400). and
  5. Complete 8-10 credits in Diversity topics from any department in campus.

LDJ Minor Declaration Form

Please direct questions to: Associate Professor Ceci Lopez
Director, Center for Law, Diversity & Justice (CLDJ)

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