Graduation Requirements

Fairhaven students are required to complete the following in order to graduate:

Fairhaven Core Curriculum

The Fairhaven College Core Curriculum is required of all Fairhaven students and has 3 curricular stages:

  • Exploratory Studies
  • Concentrated Studies
  • Advanced Studies

Major requirements for:

Minimum of 180 credits, including:

  • 60 upper-division credits (300-400 level courses)
  • 45 credits in residence
  • at least 25 credits at Fairhaven
  • 50 credits outside of Fairhaven (WWU and/or transfer coursework)
  • WWU writing proficiency requirements (FAIR 301A and FAIR 403a)
  • Minimum 2.0 in graded WWU coursework

Upper-Division Core Requirements

Find a list of courses that meet the Upper-Division (300-400 level) Core Requirements