Other WWU Majors as a Fairhaven College Student

Most Fairhaven College students choose to design an Interdisciplinary Concentration, but many choose to complete a standard Western major instead of or in addition to a Fairhaven Concentration. Fairhaven College students, as Western Washington University students, are eligible to pursue and complete any of the approved majors offered through Western, except the Multidisciplinary Studies major.

About Majors

There are many ways to explore majors, including contacting departmental offices directly, perusing the Western course catalog for major requirements, reviewing the university's Major Guide through the Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center website and, of course, talking with advisors. Fairhaven students, like all other WWU students, are subject to the departmental admission and graduation requirements, as defined by the appropriate department.  The Fairhaven Core Curriculum replaces Western's General University Requirements (GURs) for Fairhaven College students regardless of their choice of major.

Common WWU majors chosen by Fairhaven students

Current Students: Declaring your major

Your choice of academic major needs to be approved by that department and is recorded on your student academic record.  The Declaration of Major card must be filed before a student has accrued 105 credits, and, in some cases, provides access to major restricted coursework in the department. You can declare majors and minors via webform through the Registrar’s Office. For help, see Fairhaven Advising.