Wait List Policies Fairhaven College

All Fairhaven College (FAIR) courses posted in Classfinder utilize WWU’s Wait List system in the Web4u registration system.  Students are strongly encouraged to Opt-in to Text Messaging notification of Wait List action via Web4u as well as checking their WWU email often while on wait lists.

Fairhaven College Student Priority Registration:

Students admitted to Fairhaven College will have enrollment priority for Fairhaven College classes (FAIR) during Phase I of web registration.  Western students NOT enrolled in Fairhaven College are eligible to enroll or add themselves to the wait list for most Fairhaven College classes beginning on the first day of Phase II of web registration. Students will see the red “FA” restrictions in Classfinder removed from eligible classes during Phase II. Students will be eligible to add themselves to wait lists or enroll in class only if they meet other course prerequisites or have override permission. See Western Washington University Registrar’s Office Calendar of Important Dates & Deadlines for quarterly registration phase dates.

Wait List Access for College & Minor Restricted Classes:

Only students admitted to the Program, Major or Minor are eligible to add themselves to a Wait list for courses restricted to “FA” (Fairhaven College admitted students) or “MJ” (Students admitted to the appropriate Major or Minor).  The “FA” restriction is removed from most Fairhaven classes during Phase II of registration quarterly.  The “MJ” restriction will remain in place.

Wait List Management:

Fairhaven College reserves the right to re-order the position of students on any wait list based on class standing, graduation date, prerequisites, or major, minor or concentration coursework at the discretion of the instructor.  If a student obtains an Instructor Approval Override Code, they will be eligible to add themselves to the wait list if the class is full.

First Day of Classes:

Students on a wait list should attend the first day of class unless notified by the instructor not to attend.  If a space opens up in the class and the student on a wait list is given the opportunity to add the class, the instructor may ask the student who did not attend the first class to drop the class, according to university policy (complete text available at  
Western Washington University registration policies and student responsibilities under Class attendance.)

Wait List policies for other WWU classes:

Check departmental websites for information about wait list policies in other Western Washington University departments, or check the Registrar’s Office listing of departmental Wait List policies.  If you have questions about the wait list instructions or University policy, contact the Registrar’s Office at (360)650-3432.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Frequently Asked Questions about Fairhaven College’s Wait List Policies & Procedures:
If your questions about Fairhaven College’s policies are not answered below, call the Fairhaven College Office at 360-650-6680 or email Fairhaven.College@wwu.edu

I was notified that a space is available for me from the waiting list.  What do I do now? 

If you do not register during the time period allowed by your notification, you will be dropped from the wait list.  You may put yourself back on the wait list as many times as needed, but each time you add yourself to the wait list, you will go to the bottom of the list.

I have an Instructor Approval Override & the class is closed.  Why can’t I register for the class?

The Instructor Approval Override provides you with eligibility to enroll in the class if space is available.  If the class is closed by the time you can register, it will enable you to get on the wait list.

Can I get on the wait list if I don’t have the prerequisites listed?

Students are required to meet the prerequisite (or its equivalent) in order to register for a course or to add yourself to the wait list.  If you have questions about whether your coursework is equivalent to meet a prerequisite contact the instructor.  If the instructor agrees you meet the prerequisite, they can provide an Instructor Approval Override enabling you to add yourself to the wait list.

I have questions about a class that will be taught by an instructor who is not available by email or phone.  Who should I contact for more information?

Contact the Fairhaven College Office, Room 348 of the Fairhaven College building or 360-650-6680 or Fairhaven.College@wwu.edu

What if I need a class to graduate and it is full?

If a course is a graduation requirement and will not be offered again before you graduate, contact the instructor about your need for the course.  The instructor MAY be willing to give you priority to enroll in the class if the course is a graduation requirement.

I could not register during my designated time can I receive priority over others on the waiting list?


What happens if I’m still on a Wait List for a Fall class over the summer?

When the Registration system closes for continuing students during July & August, your waiting list spot at that time will be recorded and saved.  When Add-Drop registration re-opens in September, you will still be there.  We see much waiting list movement occurring in September.