Bee Campus Certification

Bee Campus Certification

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WWU has applied to be a certified Bee Campus by the Xerces Society. This designation signifies our ongoing commitment to pollinators and the habitats in which they thrive. Certification requires a pest management plan, a habitat plan, and ongoing outreach and education efforts to engage students in beekeeping, planting pollinator-friendly gardens, and protecting pollinator species. Every year we will report back to Xerxes about our efforts to improve habitat, increase pollinator numbers, and expand our educational offerings.

Read WWU's application and documentation of our plans below. Also included are resources to empower homeowners in preservation efforts, like pollinator-friendly plant lists and local nurseries [link to application document].

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Bee Campus Committee

Kristy Lee, student, Fairhaven College

Heidi Zeretzke, Grounds, Facilities Management

Sarah Neugebauer, Pest Biologist, Facilities Management

Merril Peterson, faculty, Biology

John Tuxill, faculty, Fairhaven College

Chris Harrington, Community Beekeeper

Terri Kempton, Outback Farm Manager


Bee Campus Application, IPM Plan, Habitat Plan, and Plant Lists