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Curricular Stages

The Fairhaven College Core Curriculum is required of all Fairhaven students and has 3 curricular stages: Exploratory Studies, Concentrated Studies, and Advanced Studies.


Stage 1: Exploratory Studies

  • Fair 101A: An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study at Fairhaven (1 credit) (required in the 1st quarter of enrollment)
  • Fair 201A : Critical and Reflective Inquiry (5 credits) (required in the 1st quarter of enrollment)
  • Fair 203A: Social Relationships and Responsibility: Theories and Critiques (5 credits) (required in the 1st or 2nd quarter of enrollment)
  • Fair 305A: Writing and Transition Conference (3 credits)
  • Fair 202A: Humanities and the Expressive Arts I* (5 credits)
  • Fair 206A: Science and Our Place on the Planet I* (5 credits)

One upper-level Fairhaven College course in EACH of the following areas:

  • Humanities and the Expressive Arts II* (4-5 credits)
  • Science and Our Place on the Planet II* (4-5 credits)
  • Society and the Individual II* (4-5 credits)

*These courses waived for students transferring into Fairhaven College with a Direct Transfer Associate of Arts Degree (DTA- AA) from a Washington state community college.  Other students transferring coursework into Fairhaven College's program will receive individual transfer credit evaluations at the time of enrollment.


Stage 2: Concentrated Studies

Option A: WWU Major

Option B: Fairhaven Interdisciplinary Concentration:

  • Fair 303A Concentration Seminar (5 credits)
  • Fair 401A Senior Project (Variable credit)

Option C: Upside-Down Degree Program


Stage 3: Advanced Studies

Fair 403A Advanced Seminar (4 credits) taken the last quarter prior to graduation



These icons designate courses that meet Fairhaven's Core Curriculum Requirements:

Core Curriculum

Humanities & Expressive Arts

Science & Our Place on the Planet

Society & the Individual