WWU Campus Contacts

Campus Contacts While Tori is out :

Honorarium/Check Requests and Purchasing: College Level: Chris Rowell, University level: Sarah Schmidt

Faculty Union or Contract Issues: College Level: Clayton Peirce, University Level: Austin Cooper

Budget Information and potential large cuts to budget: Ichi Kwon or Brian Burton

Tenure and Promotion: College Level: Stan Tag, University Level Austin Cooper

Academic year HR Payroll or payment Issues: Nathan Bohn

HR recruitment issues and general HR questions: Gretchen Lucas

NTT Hiring: Stephanie Norsby or Gretchen Lucas

Summer session payment or ISP issues: Office of Continuing Education: Kelley Peck or Christine Reeves

Facilities Maintenance and Work Orders : Jody Lee or John Furman

Student Employment (work study issues) Julie Mastin

Website issues: College Level: Mark Miller University Level: Max Bronsema

COVID 19 safety issues or safe start plan: Holly Woll-Salkeld or Julie Larmore

Scholarship issues: Scholarship dispersant; Dina Murphy;  Big picture scholarship or donor questions: Mike Valente or Sonja Sather

Outback Issues: John Tuxill or Terri Kempton

Purchase Card Issues:  Debbi Baughn

Travel issues:  Sally Parsons or Angela Tran

Issues with Champion Street Lease : Elizabeth Linke or Chris Remick

Art Room hazard material disposal : Gary Carlton