The White Savior Industrial Complex


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In this talk, we will define the white savior industrial complex and explore saviorism at the structural, cultural, and individual levels within domestic and global contexts. From the personal experiences of a Filipinx-American student and a white U.S. American, we will share similarities and differences in how white supremacy has shaped our lives and community engagement work. In closing, we will offer guiding principles to ground us in the fight for collective liberation. 

Speaker Name

Jamie Willer Lesley University and Corrine Mina Lesley University




Speaker Bio

Jamie Willer (she/her) is a critical community engagement practitioner working at Lesley University and an interdisciplinary scholar with research interests focused on the white savior industrial complex. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Drake University and an M.Ed. in Community Engagement from Merrimack College. She recently co-authored the chapter “Bleeding Through the Band-Aid: The White Savior Industrial Complex”, to be released in the forthcoming publication, Routledge Handbook of Critical Whiteness Studies.


Corrine Mina (they/them) is the Graduate Assistant of Lesley University's Office of Community Service majoring in Music Therapy and is an active member of Boston PEAR, a Pilipinx Education, Advocacy, and Resource organization. With a background in grassroots organizing and a political mindset nestled between queer theory, anti-oppressive ideology, trauma-informed practices, and the lyrics of Kendrick Lamar, Corrine believes that collective liberation depends on resilience and hope.