Anna Blick, Ed.D.

she/her/hers, Academic Services Manager


Dr. Anna Blick (She/Her/Hers) In my role at Fairhaven College, I provide general academic advising to our student population, oversee student services (registration, curriculum, admissions, advising), and teach courses in the core curriculum. My professional background consists of higher education administration experience across a variety of contexts, including disability support services, registration, and institutional assessment/research. In 2018, I completed my doctorate in educational leadership, with a focus on developmental education. My research areas include disability studies, noncognitive assessment, self-advocacy, and student development theory. As a scholar practitioner, I endeavor to strengthen pathways and programs enabling the success of all students in higher education. I remain especially passionate about supporting nontraditional students through their undergraduate careers. I truly believe we are facilitating an innovative and progressive program at Fairhaven College. I look forward to working with you! Schedule Appointment with Anna