Social Work across the 49th Parallel: Big Salmon River and Columbia River Treaty modernization Fairhaven Auditorium Wednesday 11:30-12:50

a small concrete dam across the Columbia river surounded by evergreen trees

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Engaging with the Columbia River, both in Canada and the USA, and those whose lives are intertwined with the river, we explore our understanding of challenges to environmental and social justice inherent in the stewardship of these lifegiving waters and the Columbia River Treaty between Canada and the USA that is currently being modernized. We will talk about two previous and one future field courses that focus on environmental and social justice challenges of the Columbia River Treaty.

Speaker Name

Morna McEachern, PhD & Stan de Mello, University of Washington Canadian Studies Centre and School of Social Work




Speaker Bio

Stan and Morna have been working together for almost 20 years, as instructors of comparative social work/social justice practices. "Social Work Across the 49th" is a multifaceted project, focused on decolonizing the 49th parallel through social work and social justice education programs. The Columbia River Treaty field course is one project in this work.