"The Role of the States in the Civil Rights Dialogue"

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 - 4:30pm to 5:50pm


Fairhaven Auditorium
(FA 300)


Civil rights are expanded and contracted. Salient changes to federal immigration policy in 2017 sparked a national dialogue over who can and should be admitted to, or excluded from, U.S. borders and the country’s educational, employment, and other systems; who has the power to make those decisions; and the limits on that power. States, including Washington, featured prominently in the legal dialogue on the President’s Travel Ban and rescission of the DACA program. This presentation will explore the tensions between the federal government and the States, as well as those among the States, in the course of the legal debate.



Patricio A. Marquez is an Assistant Attorney General in the Wing Luke Civil Rights Unit of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. He is a member of the Travel Ban litigation team and investigates and litigates housing, employment, and public accommodations discrimination matters on behalf of the State. Prior to joining the Civil Rights Unit, Mr. Marquez worked in the Consumer Protection Division, where he led enforcement efforts against unlawful business practices affecting immigrant consumers. Mr. Marquez is a former instructor in the Law, Diversity & Justice Program at Fairhaven College. He attended Columbia Law School and Stanford University.