Giving to Fairhaven

Thank you for considering a gift to Fairhaven College. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will support the top quality learning opportunities that Fairhaven strives to provide to every student.

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How to Give

Fairhaven College is a part of Western Washington University. All gifts to Fairhaven College are received by the WWU Foundation Office. If you'd like to learn more about giving to Fairhaven, see the following links:

Ways to Give

What your gift supports

All gifts to Fairhaven support student learning and enrichment. For example, a gift to Fairhaven College's general fund will support expenses such as the World Issues Forum, Student Development Grants, or community events such as graduation or community lunch.   You may also choose to specify a specific use for your gift, if it is one of our identified funding priorities.  

One important way our donors enrich student learning is by making gifts in support of student financial aid. Gifts for scholarships and student grants provide direct and meaningful support to Fairhaven's students. Donations of $20,000 or more can be used to create new named scholarship endowments. Smaller gifts can help grow existing scholarships, or support Fairhaven's general fund.

Scholarships | Student Development Grant | World Issues Forum

Fairhaven College Opportunity Fund

The Fairhaven College Opportunity Fund was created to provide financial support for first-generation-to-college students with high financial need. As the cost of higher education increases we have seen fewer first-generation students with high financial need able to afford university, especially for a full four years. With this scholarship we hope to increase equitable access to education provide more opportunities for first-generation students to achieve their educational goals by eliminating some of the financial barriers.

Fairhaven College is defined by its commitment to social justice and to providing an education that examines our roles in a diverse society, and seeks to promote social relationships that are more just and equitable. An important step in reaching that goal is to reverse those structural patterns that have limited access to higher education.  This is reflected in our efforts of supporting first-generation students, such as the Opportunity Fund Scholarship.  The fact that there was an 80 percent of Fairhaven staff and faculty chose to donate to this scholarship is emblematic of the depth of this commitment at Fairhaven College.