Fairhaven College Faculty and Staff Committee Assignment and other Service Responsibilities

Fairhaven College Committees 2023-2024

College Committees 


Personnel Committee 

John F (Chair Fall, Winter), Tamara Sprira, Ceci Lopez (Fall, Winter) 

Spring: Kevin DeLucio (Chair), Yanara Friedland 


Curriculum Committee 

Stan Tag (Chair), Babafemi Akinrinade, Mary Baker, Niall Ó Murchú, Emily Marrs (CRM) 


Scholarship Committee 

Midori Takagi, Yanara Friedland (spring), Mark Miller (Staff rep) 


Adventure Learning Grant Committee 

Hilary Schwandt (Chair), Babafemi Akinrinade, Mark Miyake 


Law, Diversity, and Justice Director 

Ceci Lopez 


Audio Technology, Music & Society Advisor 

Mark Miyake 


Human Rights Advisor 

Babafemi Akinrinade 


Outback Farm Manager/Coordinator 

Terri Kempton; John Tuxill (Fall) 


Scholars Day Coordinator 

Robert Yerachmiel Sniderman 


World Issues Forum Coordinator 

Akinrinade/Ó Murchú 


University Service 

Faculty Senator: Clayton Pierce 


Academic Coordinating Commissioner: Midori Takagi 


University Planning & Resources Council: John Tuxill 


Committee on Undergraduate Education: John Bower 


Ethnic Studies Academic Program Director: Lourdes Gutierrez Najera  


Education and Social Justice Director: Dolores Calderon 


Summer Research Grants: Tamara Spira 


Summer Teaching Grants: Robert Yerachmiel Sniderman 


Senate Library Committee: Hilary Schwandt 


Student Technology Fund Committee:  Mark (Miller or Miyake?) 


Wolpow Institute Associate Director: Babafemi Akinrinade 


International Studies Curriculum Committee: Babafemi 


Professional Leave Advisory Committee: with Provost’s office