Fairhaven College Canceling Class Policy

In incredibly rare circumstances, Fairhaven classes have low enrollment. The Fairhaven Curriculum will be ideally planned to prevent this occurrence.
When: If course enrollment is below 10 students, classes may be cancelled, unless the course is a fundamental program requirement, or an exemption is requested of the Dean when there are compelling pedagogical reasons for offering the course.
Who: Communication about potential course cancellation will be conducted with relevant parties by the Dean.
How: The class will be canceled by the Friday after Phase II enrollment begins. Instructors will be signaled the Monday prior about potential cancellation, allowing time for additional promotion and outreach to increase enrollment. As the fall term registration schedule occurs when instructors are off contract, efforts will be made to contact the instructor of these issues, hoping the instructor receives the notification. If the faculty member is not available, additional outreach may be done on behalf of the instructor by the Dean/Chair prior to canceling the course.
What is Next: The instructor of record is pivoted to teach another course that same term, or during a future term. Low enrollment does not nullify teaching contracts with NTT; however, NTT faculty have the option to refuse the alternate provided in the case of a low enrolled course which would nullify the original contract. Potential pivot examples:
• Teach an alternate class that term, or in a future term:
o With the existing instructor as a teaching team
 For example: FAIR 203A, 206A, 303A, 403A
o Add a second section of a class that is over enrolled/has a long waitlist
o Teach a class that has no planned instructor
• Use a course release slated to be used in a future term