Fairhaven Academic Calendar 2023

Fairhaven Calendar Winter 2023                    


January 4th               First Day of Classes
                                  Phase III Registration
                                  Adventure Learning Grant Application Deadline 5pm
                                  Curriculum Committee Meeting

January 10th             Last day to add a class without an override  

January 11th             All College Meeting

January 13th             Student Tech Fee Tech Initiatives Abstracts Due

January 15th             Academic Year Global Learning Courses Due

January 16th             Martin Luther King, Jr. Day             

January 18th            Curriculum Committee Meeting        

January 23rd             T&P: Probationary Faculty 3rd Year Review: All Materials Due to Interfolio

January 25th             All College Meeting

January 30th             Probationary Faculty 2,4,5 Year Review: All Materials Due to Interfolio      

February 1st              Research & Creative Opportunities Grant (Undergrads) Forms Due to Dean
                                  Curriculum Committee Meeting
                                  Pilot Project Winter Grant Due to Chair                                       

February 6th             T&P: Probationary Faculty 3rd Year Review - Tenured Faculty Letters Due
                                 Student Development Grant Applications Due

February 9th             Scholarship Information Session

February 10th           Fairhaven Advising Day

                                  Last day to apply to graduate Winter Quarter          

February 13th           T&P: Probationary Faculty 1st Year Review Meets Chair Deadline

                                  Probationary Faculty 2,4,5 Year Review: All FCIS tenured Faculty Letters Due to Interfolio        

February 15th           Curriculum Committee Meeting
                                 Spring Quarter Application Deadline for Returning Students

February 16th           College of the Environment Career Fair               

February 20th           Presidents' Day          

February 22nd          All College Meeting

February 24th           Advising and Registration

March 1st                 Curriculum Committee Meeting
                                 Summer & Fall Quarter Application Deadline for Transfer Students

March 8th                 All College Meeting       

March 10th               Degree Application for Summer 2023 Deadline (Before Late Fee)
                                 Advising and Registration

March 13th - 17th     Finals Week  

March 15th               Curriculum Committee Meeting       

March 17th                Advising and Registration

March 18th - 27th     Spring Break   

March 21st               Grades Due

March 23rd               Faculty Narrative Evaluations Due

March 27th               Advising and Registration

Fairhaven Calendar Spring 2023


March 28th                 First Day of Classes

                                   Phase III Registration

                                   Call for Faculty interested for Professional Leave in the Fall (not a specific deadline, just a reminder to do this in Spring)


March 29th                 Curriculum Committee Meeting


April 9th                      Easter Sunday


April 10th                    T&P: Post-Tenure Reviews Candidate Materials Due to Interfolio   


April 12th                    Curriculum Committee Meeting


April 24th                    T&P: Post-Tenure: All Tenured Faculty Members Letters to Personnel Committee Due     


April 26th                    Curriculum Committee Meeting       


May 10th                    Curriculum Committee Meeting


May 15th - 19th          WWU Scholars Week 


May 24th                    Curriculum Committee Meeting       


May 29th                    Memorial Day


June 5th - 9th             Finals Week   


June 7th                     Curriculum Committee Meeting


June 10th & 11th        Commencement


June 19th                   Juneteenth Holiday    



Fairhaven Calendar Summer 2023


June 20th                   First Day of Classes    


July 4th                       Independence Day     


July 28th                    End of Six Week Session


August 28th               End of Nine Week Session