Ethan Glemaker

"To be elected AS president is an honor to which I can hardly assign words. I feel incredibly grateful and simultaneously empowered by the amount of confidence and support I have received from Western's student body."


Smiling bearded young man with glasses stands against a white background wearing a brown pullover over a collared shirt.


WWU Major, Interdisciplinary Concentration
Smiling bearded young man with glasses stands against a white background wearing a brown pullover over a collared shirt.


Western Washington University's Associated Students president for the 2012-2013 academic year.


Why did you choose Fairhaven?

I applied to Fairhaven College because I had taken a law class from Julie Helling and the structure of Fairhaven College was exactly what I needed. The self-evaluations drive me to work much harder because I feel like I am part of my education.


What does interdisciplinary education mean to you?

An interdisciplinary education is one in which I can study education, diversity, identity, culture, and teaching, and weave them together to create a holistic major that allows me to become the teacher I want to be. Interdisciplinary education means institutionalizing the way my mind already thinks: making every experience a learning experience and piecing it together along with every other bit of knowledge I've acquired to make me a better person and a better global citizen.


What are you most excited about for the 2012-2013 school year?

I am incredibly excited to finish designing my [Interdisciplinary Concentration] and to further my learning inside and outside of the classroom, especially when it comes to politics. It will be a challenge [serving as AS president], but a great privilege to represent Western students at the administrative level here at Western and at the state level down in Olympia this winter.


What has been the most important aspect of your Fairhaven experience?

The most important aspect of my Fairhaven experience has been engaging with the faculty and learning to trust myself. Fairhaven has been incredibly empowering for me. The amount of faith faculty members place in students as well as their willingness to help in any endeavor is invaluable. The variety of classes available and the whole-hearted support of the college is something that has given me so much confidence in myself and has also given me a strong desire to somehow help the world. Fairhaven offers a multi-faceted view of the world that has challenged me to think critically and to be genuinely curious about the things I don't know, and even the things I do know.


How does being a part of Western enhance your education?

Being a part of Fairhaven has enriched my Western experience more than anything else I can think of. The diversity of people in my classes, the diversity of classes offered, and the ability to create ISPs with full support from faculty members is such a unique and valuable experience. I cannot think of a better way to receive a public education; I feel like I'm somehow cheating the system because an education like this was something I believed one could only get at a private institution.