Nada Elia



Nada Elia has a PhD in Comparative Literature from Purdue University, and chaired the Global Studies minor at Antioch University-Seattle, before joining Fairhaven College in 2017, where she now teaches Arab American Studies and the occasional Comparative Cultural Studies.

Nada Elia is a regular contributor to Mondoweiss and Middle East Eye, where she publishes editorials about Palestine, gender, activism, and transnational struggles.

Elia is the author of Trances, Dances, and Vociferations:  Agency and Resistance in Africana Women’s Narratives, and is currently completing a second book, Beyond Apartheid:  Notes from the Global Intifada.  She has co-edited the Critical Ethnic Studies: A Reader, as well as the award-winning The Revolution Will Not Be Funded, and has contributed chapters to numerous anthologies, including, most recently, Palestine:  A Socialist Introduction.