Marie Eaton



Biography Marie returned to the Fairhaven faculty in 2000 after a long stint as Dean of Fairhaven College, and is thrilled to be back in the classroom.  Educated in literature and curriculum design at Pomona College and the University of Washington, she wandered into academic administration by accident, but found working with Fairhaven students, staff and faculty to be both intellectually stimulating and generative. In addition to her teaching, she is currently involved in a number projects:  The Consortium of Innovative Environments for Learning, The Curriculum for the Bioregion and Fairhaven's Electronic Portfolio project.   Marie has lived in Australia, California, Kentucky and Africa, but seems always to be drawn back to the Pacific Northwest where she was raised.  In addition to her teaching and research work, she is a songwriter and performs regularly with two different bands. She loves spending time with her grandson, her two children and her partner.   Interest Areas Reflective practice, Memoirs, Child studies, Death and dying, Alternative and liberatory education, Queer studies, Songwriting, Food: What we eat and why and who pays the price, Folk music as a cultural and political tool, Applied research methodologies.    Selected Publications Eaton, M. & Patton, J. (2003) Reflection, Civic Engagement and Learning Communities. in MacGregor, J. (Ed) Integrating Learning Communities with Service Learning. American Association of Higher Education (AAHE). Eaton, M. (2002) Using Journals to Build Reflective Space.  All About Mentoring. #23. pg 6-10. Silence, Stories and Reflection: Holding the Space for Deep Learning in Times of Change. Oxford Round Table on Women's Leadership, Oxford, England, Oxford Round Table, Women's Leadership, St. Anne's College, Oxford, England, August 6-11, 2006 Keynote Address: Music Bridging Cultures. UNESCO International Conference on Unity and Diversity in Religion and Culture, January 27-30, 2005, Seattle Washington.