Dolores Calderón: Studying in Relation: Critical Latinx Indigeneities and Education


Guided by critical ethnic studies and critical Indigenous studies, we engage analytical work to tease out how multiple colonial projects have implications for Latinx educational practice. Given the increase of ethnic studies curricula in K–12, we introduce in this article the theoretical framework of Critical Latinx Indigeneities (CLI) to educational debates around Latinx equity. We contemplate what it means to leave behind concepts such as mestizaje and indigenismo as analytical tools because of their “imperial durability” that we argue renders them incommensurable with Indigenous Latinx students. Finally, we explore the implications for Latinx equity agendas and conclude with how CLI might position us to engage ethnic studies approaches that can speak to the diversity of Latinx experiences. We see this as a necessary conversation in education and hope that our work will incite meaningful and robust conversations around the issues we center here.

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