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Current Student edition. How to apply to Fairhaven

Applying to Fairhaven College

Are you a current Western student interested in pursuing an Interdisciplinary Concentration at Fairhaven College? Are you interested in completing the Fairhaven College Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum in lieu of  Western's General Undergraduate Requirements? All Current Western students interested in transitioning into the Fairhaven College curriculum must apply for admission to Fairhaven College.

Current Student Admissions

Fairhaven College accepts applications for fall, winter, and spring quarters. We have rolling admission deadlines. Apply early for best consideration.

At Fairhaven, our priority is your success as a student. In the spirit of transparency and setting students up for success, we strongly suggest you consider these details if you are transferring to Fairhaven with more than 100 credits of coursework completed:

  1. Your fastest possible timeline to graduation is a 6 - quarter timeline*. This is due to Fairhaven curricular requirements.
    1. Fall start: fall, winter, spring, summer, fall, winter graduation
    2. Spring start: spring, fall, winter, spring, summer, fall graduation
    3. Winter start: winter, spring, fall, winter, spring, summer graduation 

*major requirements and timeline listed are subject change based on individualized plan of study 

  1. If you are receiving financial aid: federal financial aid regulations limits the Maximum Attempted Credits -- the number of attempted credits for which financial aid will pay
    1. If you have attempted 140-150 credits, you may be asked to complete an appeal process to exceed maximum allowable credits
    2. See the Financial Aid Services Center at WWU for questions and to schedule an appointment to talk directly to financial aid.
  • Fairhaven College Online Admissions Application Form 
    • Application Essay
      • Essay prompt: describe your educational goals, academic interests, and the reason you are applying to Fairhaven College. The best length for the essay is whatever length it takes you to respond to the prompt in its entirety. If the essay you used for your   Western application addresses these components, you can upload the same essay.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation/Reference 
    • Send our Letter of Recommendation Form to your recommenders to complete.
    • We accept Letters of Recommendation from teachers, counselors, faculty members, internship or employment supervisors. No personal references are accepted. At least one of your recommenders should be a teacher or faculty member who has interacted with you in a classroom environment. Letters must be written within the past year.

Interviews will be scheduled upon receipt of all application materials and can be done in person at Fairhaven College or via Zoom video call. Interviews are scheduled for 50 minutes and give us an opportunity to learn more about your interests and why you would like to be a Fairhaven College student. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions you may have about Fairhaven College or WWU.

If your questions can't be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, please contact our Admissions Office at (360) 650-2123 or e-mail questions to

Schedule a prospective student appointment with our Enrollment & Orientation Manager: Schedule Appointment