Cooking, Cuisine and Sustainable Food



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This course starts with the premise that our personal health and the health of the planet and our communities all depend upon what happens in the kitchen. We will explore the science and culture of food preparation and preservation, with a goal of understanding how culinary traditions and scientific knowledge can inform contemporary ideas about how to eat well, and help us collectively to achieve greater food sovereignty and decolonize our food systems. Along the way we also will cook together in class each week, gaining and sharing the basic kitchen literacy needed to make delicious meals—and to make healthy, sustainable food a vital part of our busy American lives


FAIR 206A, equivalent, or Instructors' Permission

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Texts: Cooked by Michael Pollan. Other readings will be drawn from a broad range of academic and applied literature and distributed via Canvas.


S/NX grading; narrative evaluation

Regular attendance and informed contribution to discussions and in-class cooking is essential. You also will be required to 1) keep a kitchen journal; 2) research, write, and present a study of the natural history of a particular food ingredient, dish, or culinary approach; 3) participate in a group project on an aspect of food system sustainability; and 4) contribute to a class recipe collection.


Fall 2023

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John Tuxill

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