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Audio mixing can be described, at its most basic level, as the process of combining multiple audio signals. As anyone who has ever tried to mix their own recordings might know, however, that description hardly does justice to the complexities – both technical and aesthetic – that come in crafting a finely tuned mix that translates the potential we hear in our heads into reality. The goal of this course is to dive deep into the concepts, techniques, and aesthetics of mixing various styles of audio: from musical genres to sound design and mixing for film. In order to better understand the complexities of audio mixing we will also take time to establish historical perspective for different styles of mixing by exploring the technical limitations and cultural trends that lead to different styles of sound mixing. Students will be able to approach this course from various angles. More experienced students may take this as an opportunity to build a portfolio of professional quality work, while less experienced students can approach it as an opportunity to immerse themselves in a guided active practice with an experienced instructor. Students will learn about mixing through in-class demonstrations, research and reading, and through regular practice in the Fairhaven College recording studio facilities. In addition, students will practice critical listening through example recordings and dedicated peer review sessions.

It is strongly recommended that students have their own multi-track recordings to use in this course, but examples will be provided if necessary. Students should be expected to work at least 2-3 hours in the studio outside of class time every week.

Texts: The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinski


FAIR 270H and FAIR 370I



Summer 2022

Course Instructor(s)

Erik Wallace