Experiential Farm Skills: Fall



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This course provides an opportunity for the cohort to discuss food, farming, sustainability, and methods for regenerating the environment while exploring the Outback campus farm. Classes will meet outside so we can focus on hands-on learning, gardening basics, and harvesting the seasonal bounty of the farm. Class sessions are two hours each week in addition to outside readings, reflective writing assignments, and a student self-evaluation. As a Fairhaven course, students will be assessed through narrative evaluation of their work.

Learning Outcomes: >Apply technical farm skills to the production, maintenance, harvest, and distribution of organic food >Explain the connections between farm, ecosystem, and human health >Use permaculture principles to analyze the food system >Work effectively in community by participating in discussion and reflection In conjunction with the

Learning Goals of Fairhaven College, specifically: 1.Consider and listen openly to perspectives that are different from their own as they investigate complex issues. 2.Effectively communicate complex ideas orally and in writing. 3.Demonstrate the ability to imagine, problem-solve, and take creative risks. 4.Develop a sense of personal agency for creating positive social and ecological change within a multicultural and global context.

Assessment of Learning Outcomes: >Attendance and engagement during class sessions >Assessment of writing in the form of one reflection paper due week 6 on a topic of the previous classes (feedback provided) >Evaluation of final narrative self-assessment



Fall 2021
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