Connecting Race and Empire: Structures of Subordination in International Migration

Priya Morley

Renewed solidarity across movements and borders in recent years underscores the importance of transnational understandings of racial justice. This is particularly true in the current moment, in which global crises such as migration and climate change are laying bare the persistent impacts of structural racism and colonial subordination around the world. S. Priya Morley will discuss how Critical Race Theory and Third World Approaches to International Law—which center race and empire, respectively, in their analyses—offer valuable analytical insights for practitioners and scholars working on human rights issues, especially migration.


S. Priya Morley, Promise Institute for Human Rights, UCLA School of Law




About the Speaker

S. Priya Morley is the Racial Justice Policy Counsel at the Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA School of Law, where she is providing leadership on academic, advocacy, and policy initiatives at the intersection of racial justice and critical approaches to human rights, including in the context of migration and climate justice. She is also Co-Director of the International Human Rights Clinic at UCLA Law.