Claire Blackwood



Currently a Partner at Barron Smith Daugert PLLC Attorneys at Law. Prior professional experience includes acting as Senior Legal Counsel representing a professional aerospace union consisting of nearly twenty-three thousand workers around the world, and over a decade serving as Lead Union Contract Negotiator and Director of Training and Development for thousands of public sector union professional and technical workers in Washington and Oregon.

1995 Graduate of Fairhaven College’s Law, Diversity, and Justice Program, and earned her Juris Doctorate in 1998 from Mitchel Hamline School of Law focusing on alternative dispute resolution, labor and employment law, and international criminal tribunals.

Serving in many leadership positions as an advocate for a more just society including recently serving on the Washington State Bar Associations Diversity Committee, the campaign to Elect Judge Cecily Hazelrigg Hernandez, running for State Senate in 2019, and current board member for RE Sources for Sustainable Communities.

Mother of two teenagers who move powerfully through the world with eyes and hearts wide open. Married to an artist and waterman who happens to also do cybersecurity.  As a family unit,  and as individuals, we eat life whole while smilingly gratefully for our imperfect but beautiful opportunity to live life’s rich pageant for a wee moment!