Associated Students of Western Washington University Student Senator Job Description

About the Position

The Student Senate serves as a legislative body in coordination with the Associated Students Executive Board on student issues and increase student involvement and representation in the AS Executive Board’s decision-making processes by discussing issues originating from the AS Executive Board, other AS or University Committees as assigned or delegated, within the Student Senate itself, or directly from Student Senators constituents. As well as by reviewing, recommending, and enforcing changes to the AS Election Code and the charge and charter of the AS Election Board. Along with approving any changes made to the AS Executive Board by-laws, or charge and charter. Moreover, by drafting and releasing resolutions on any issues brought before the Student Senate. In conclusion, by reviewing and nominating student members to serve on various academic related committees.


About the Department

The ASWWU Student Senate exists to represent student interests on University Committees and to advocate for various constituents throughout the university in an effort to maintain a representative Associated Students.


Term of Position

This is a three-quarter position. This position starts at the Monday four weeks after the start of classes fall quarter and ends the Friday of finals week the following spring quarter. This position works an average of 7-10 hours per week. The position holder may work more some weeks and less other weeks depending on the office’s needs. The position holder is neither required nor expected to work during intersession, winter break or spring break.


AS Employment Qualification

 Maintain a minimum credit load throughout term of position of 6 credits for undergraduates and 4 credits for graduates.

 Maintain a minimum of a 2.00 cumulative grade point average.

 Ability to complete the entire term of the position. 


Required Officer Qualifications

 Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits for undergraduates and 4 credits for graduates at Western Washington University at the time of election.

 Have a minimum of a 2.00 cumulative grade point average at the time of election.

 Completion of 3 quarters of college work, with at least 3 quarters within the current academic year at Western Washington University. This requirement must be met by the end of the spring quarter when elected.


Preferred Qualifications

 Leadership experience.

 Working knowledge of the Associated Students organization.

 Conflict management skills.

 Previous council or committee experience at Western Washington University.

 Strong organizational and time management skills.

 Ability to communicate accurately and effectively.

 Experience working as a member of a team.

 A working knowledge of the University governance and organizational systems

 Ability to think holistically and strategically about complex issues

 Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

 Ability to facilitate group decision-making processes.


AS Employment Responsibilities

 Serve the diverse membership of the Associated Students in a professional and ethical manner by:

     o Being familiar with and upholding the AS Charter, all WWU policies, and all AS policies including the Employment Policy, Code of Conduct, and Program Standards.

     o Attending all AS staff development events including, but not limited to: pre-fall orientation, pre-winter, prespring, and mid-quarter staff developments.

     o Being familiar with the University Organizational Structure, and general operations of the Associated Students.

 Ensure the legacy of this position by:

      o Working with the Assistant Director for Student Responsibility & Governance and Personnel Director to revise and update job description.

     o Working with the Senate Pro-Tempore to complete a minimum of 2 hours of unpaid internship.

     o Developing and maintaining a legacy document as required by the AS Personnel Policy.

 Serve the constituency to which the Student Senator was elected by:

     o Representing the interests of their specific WWU College, or undeclared students at-large,

     o Working with the leadership of their WWU College of their constituency, or with University leadership at large.

     o Developing and maintaining a legacy document unique to their constituency.


ASWWU Student Senate Responsibilities

 Ensure the effectiveness of the ASWWU Student Senate Operations by:

     o Attending all ASWWU Student Senate retreats, meetings, and work sessions.

     o Avoiding any major commitments that would conflict with the essential responsibilities of this position. (i.e. study abroad, student teaching, etc.).

     o Devoting an average of 7-10 hours per week to ASWWU Student Senate Business.

     o Identifying short and long term strategic organizational goals.

     o Actively pursuing lines of communication to/within the

 Promote and manage the ASWWU Student Senate by:

     o Communicating regularly with the student body concerning the decisions and actions of the ASWWU Student Senate.

     o Attending at least 1 Associated Students and at least 1 WWU College program events per quarter.

     o Serving as a voting member on a pre-determined committee, including but not limited to the;

 Academic Coordinating Commission;

     Academic Coordinating Commission Executive Board;

     Academic Fee Committee;

     Bottleneck Funding Request Committee;

     Career Services Center Advisory Board;

     Center for Service Learning Advisory Board;

     Committee on Undergraduate Education;

     Enrollment Fee Funding Allocation Committee;

     First Year Experience Advisory Committee;

     Scholars Week Steering Committee;

     Student Technology Center Governing Board;

     University Planning and Resource Council;

     University Planning and Resource Council Executive Board.

o Reviewing and nominating student members for:

      AS Academic Affairs Council;

      Academic Coordinating Commission;

      Academic Honesty Board;

     Academic Technology Committee;

     Admissions and Inter-college Relations Committee;

     Excellence in Teaching Award Committee;

     Faculty Outstanding Services Award Committee;

     Graduate Council;

     International Programs Advisory Committee;

     Learning Commons Advisory Board; Peter J. Elich Excellence in Teaching Award Committee; Robert T. Kleinknecht Excellence in Teaching Award Committee

     Senate Library Committee; Student Academic Grievance Board; Student Technology Center Governing Board; Student  Technology Fee Committee; Teacher                   Curricula and Certification Council; Other committees, as needed or assigned.


Position Responsibilities

 Serve the Students of Western Washington University by:

     o Representing the interests of WWU students on all issues that come before the ASWWU Student Senate.

     o Serving as a spokesperson of their constituency to the ASWWU Student Senate.

     o Regularly communicating with Senate Pro-Tempore about the needs of their constituency, or WWU Students at-large.

     o Giving a regular report to the ASWWU Student Senate of all committee meeting notes and minutes.

           Attend all meetings of the ASWWU Student Senate.

           Make bi-weekly reports to the ASWWU Student Senate, on any and all pertinent issues.

           Communicate with their co-senator weekly and the AS Senate Pro Tempore bi-weekly.

     o Establishing and maintaining open communication with constituents, as needed by email or by appointment.

     o Attending all assigned or delegated committee meetings, as per request of the Senate Pro-Tempore or Vice Chair.

     o Meeting once a quarter with the Assistant Director for Student Representation and Governance,

     o Investigating and bringing attention to all Code of Conduct violations against AS Executive Board members and  Student Senators, and working with the Student              Senate  and the Assistant Director for Student Responsibility and Governance to develop a consequence.

 Promote Collaboration with the WWU College of their constituency by:

     o Meeting with their University Deans once a month, to conduct research and to develop a report on student concerns.

 Serve the ASWWU Student Senate by:

     o Understanding the functionality of the ASWWU Student Senate.

     o Attending all required or urgent Student Senate meetings, as mentioned or assigned by the Senate Pro- Tempore and the Vice-Chair,

     o Helping coordinate events as designated by the Senate Pro-Tempore or the Vice-Chair,

     o Submitting necessary documents for presentation to the Student Senate one academic week prior an ASWWU Student Senate meeting, to the Senate Pro-                      Tempore.

     o Attending bi-weekly meetings, pursuant to Article V, section A of the Student Senate By-Laws.


Pay Rate

This position is paid $16.50 per hour the Academic Year, beginning in Fall Quarter, and ending in Spring Quarter.



This position will report to the ASWWU Student Senate. The ASWWU Student Senate Pro-Tempore in conjunction with the Vice-Chair and the AS Personnel Director shall be charged with the responsibility to lead an objective investigation into complaints regarding the ASWWU Student Senate. For complaints against the ASWWU Student Senate Pro-Tempore, the Vice-Chair shall act in their place, while the AS Personnel Director and the AS Executive Board President lead an objective investigation into complaints.


This job description is subject to change in accordance with the AS Employment Policy.