Adventure Learning Grant (ALG) Application Instructions

  • Go to this website to apply: APPLICATION
  • Fill in all required fields
  • Upload the 2 Statements – typed and double spaced
  • 1,000 word statement proposing a specific project/experience

1. Proposal title.

2. Abstract of proposal (75-100 words).

3. Description of proposal ~ 3 to 4 pages describing

a. The guiding question or questions you are hoping to explore

b. The society (or societies) where you hope to explore your question or questions and why this society and culture(s) are good places in which to engage in independent exploratory, adventure learning

c. How you can envision yourself living and learning in the society you have identified

d. What you hope to learn

e. How you intend to share your experience with the Fairhaven community when you return

  • 1,000 word personal statement describing why you are a strong candidate for an Adventure Learning Grant. (You are encouraged to shape your narrative to address these questions in the order below.)

1. Why is this grant particularly appropriate for you to be doing it now and how might it change your life?

2. How will make full use of the grant to challenge yourself to think about the world and yourself in new ways? What factors have prepared you to immerse yourself in discomfiting circumstances? How is your project right for you?

3. Describe the extracurricular work, job experience, or volunteer activities that have been important to you. Why have they been important?

4. Describe any experiences you have had living, traveling, or studying abroad. How have those experiences affected you?

5. Describe any factors that would limit your ability to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by an Adventure Learning Grant.

  • Upload your Unofficial Transcript



Ask your letter of recommendation writers (there should be 2, one must be a Fairhaven faculty member) to: with “ALG Application and your name” in the subject line.


DEADLINE: 5:00 pm on Tuesday, January 9 2024