Why Choose Fairhaven

What Makes Fairhaven College Unique?

Fairhaven College offers students a unique experience within Western Washington University. Fairhaven students have the opportunity to draw from a variety of different interests and to explore their passions. Students enjoy a variety of unique learning experiences including small, interactive classes.

With 15-20 students in most classes there is space to make connections, discuss, work together and ask questions. Fairhaven’s interdisciplinary curriculum is shaped around inquiry, creativity, leadership and scholarship. Our courses emphasize critical inquiry with a focus on social justice, diversity, and innovation. Fairhaven College students participate in a small community learning environment but are also involved in the Western campus and community and continue to take courses throughout the university. Fairhaven students also participate in leadership, activism, art, and performance across campus and the community.

For Fairhaven students WWU’s General University Requirements (GURs) are replaced by Fairhaven’s Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum. Fairhaven’s Core Curriculum includes foundational interdisciplinary coursework with courses such as Science and Our Place on the Planet, Social Relationships and Responsibilities, and Critical and Reflective Inquiry. The Core Curriculum also includes process classes that guide students step by step through their academic career at Fairhaven. These courses are designed to support students to create a self-designed, individual degree plan.

Within a small community of about 400 students, Fairhaven students build strong connections with professors and advisors. These mentorship relationships guide students throughout their education – including the process of designing their degrees.

Students at Fairhaven College have the unique opportunity to take a hands-on approach to their education. Through an interdisciplinary approach students combine interests from more than one discipline into a cohesive whole. This rewarding process allows students to draw knowledge from not just one field of study but to find connections across disciplines. Examples of Fairhaven degrees include, Medicine and Social Justice; Law, Diversity and Justice: Sustainable Food Ecosystems; International Conflict and Social Justice: Methods in Peacemaking; Youth Advocacy: Social Activism through Expressive Arts.

With a wide range of interests among our graduates Fairhaven alumni go on to a variety of different career paths. Our alumni are leaders in a broad range of fields such as social entrepreneurship, law, social justice education, and environmental sustainability.

Degree Options

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In addition to the financial aid available through Western Washington University, students at Fairhaven have access to a number of additional Fairhaven scholarships.

Student Life

Explore the rich options available for Fairhaven students wishing to be socially involved, culturally engaged or athletically challenged. You can also learn more about housing options for Fairhaven students.

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