Self-Evaluation Submission Instructions

Fairhaven College classes do not use the A-to-F grading system. Students evaluate their own performance in detail for each Fairhaven college course. The student self-evaluation, combined with their faculty member's narrative assessment of the student's work, records the individual qualities of student academic performance in Fairhaven coursework.

Below are the instructions for current students on how to submit a self-evaluation online via WEB4U. Please see how to write a narrative self-evaluation for more detail on writing.

1. Login to WEB4U

  • Login to WEB4U
  • Click "Student"
  • Click "Student Records"
  • Click "Fairhaven"
  • Click "Current Quarter Self-Evaluations"

You'll see a list of all Fairhaven courses you are currently enrolled in.  Next to each course name you'll see a status indicator indicating: Not started, In progress, Sent to faculty, Completed or Locked.

2. Click on the course title

  • Choose the course for which you are completing your evaluation.

An evaluation form appears. 

The form has the following elements:

Your name, W#, your e-mail address , term, Class name, CRN, Credits attempted, Credits earned (currently blank), Faculty name, Advisor name (Should be FAIRHAVEN advisor).  You will not see the faculty text box.

3. Type your evaluation

  • Either type or paste your self-evaluation into the box. This form accepts smart text from Word. 
  • YOU ARE LIMITED TO 3,800 CHARACTERS -- including spaces.  The form has a counter to let you know when you have reached the 4000 character limit.  If you are composing in WORD, use the "Word Count" tool and it will let you know how many letter characters you have used, however, this program also counts punctuation, spaces and formatting as characters, so you will need to edit the WORD document to about 3,500 characters.

4. Save often

The "save" button at the bottom allows you to save a draft.  You can come back and edit.  Save often, as this program will time out after 10 minutes and you may lose text if you don't save it.

5. Submit!

Once you click the "SUBMIT" button, your evaluation will automatically go to the faculty's Web4U box. You should see the status marker change.


Once the faculty have completed their portion of the evaluation and locked the form, you should be able to view the completed evaluation. If the faculty member decides your evaluation needs to be revised, the will send it back to you and this status marker will change back.