Outback Project Proposal

Send your responses to the following questions to the Outback Farm Manager Terri Kempton (kemptot@wwu.edu)


Proposer’s name:


Organization if not affiliated with WWU:



Name of project:

Location and dimensions:


Goal and purpose statement:

What skills or experience are you hoping this project will give you (or your students)?

Does your project fill an existing need or address a specific problem in the Outback?

Outline of your schedule (planning, implementation, completion date):

Will you need access to tools? Which ones?

What are the safety risks during implementation? If so, how can we collectively mitigate them?

What budget is required, and what are your funding sources? (Assume the Outback is NOT a funding entity)

What’s the lifetime of your project? (i.e., this bike parking lean-to should last ten years)

What maintenance will be required in its lifetime, and on what schedule? (does it need to be covered in winter? Fed twice a day? Patched or repaired? Repainted or resealed?)

What materials, time, and cost will be involved in that maintenance?

Estimated water use:

Completion of projects is essential. What will happen to your project if it is not completed? Will it be completed by another student or organization?