Narrative Evaluations/Order Transcripts

Transcript Information

There are two types of transcripts Fairhaven students and graduates hold:

1. Western transcripts. This document is a "traditional/typical" transcript with grades and GPA listed. To order these "traditional transcripts", please visit the Western Registrar's Office website.

2. Fairhaven Narrative Evaluation transcripts. This document contains student self-evaluations alongside faculty narrative evaluations. To obtain this document please read the Narrative Evaluation order process below.

Narrative Evaluation Options

Graduates may need OFFICIAL or UNOFFICAL transcripts. Official transcripts cost $10 to process and come in PDF or paper form. Unofficial transcripts are obtained by the graduate through the Western login and can be printed personally.

*Printed Name Information: All transcripts and evaluations will have a person's legal name printed. If you have a name change and need that to occur before purchasing transcripts, please review the following information.  Registrar's Office name change information. LGTBQ+ name change information.

Official Narrative Evaluation Order Process

Official Transcripts: Cost - $10/transcript. These are processed by the Fairhaven Registrar and can be sent to the person ordering or directly to the requesting organization. Detailed information about the request will be gathered during the order process. 

Unofficial Narrative Evaluation Process

Unofficial Transcripts: Cost - free. You can obtain your unofficial transcript free of charge through your Web4U Western account. Please follow this process to find your unofficial transcript:

  • Proceed to your Web4U login and sign in with your universal login.
    • If you do not remember that information, you can look up your username and W#. On the left hand side of the screen there is a list of resources, and the top link is “Lookup Username and W#”.
  • Once logged in, click on the 'Student' tab at the top of the page or the 'Student' link on the main page.
  • Click on the "Student Records" link on the page.
  • Scroll down to the "View Fairhaven Unofficial, Supplemental, Narrative Evaluations" link and click on it.
  • You can then print to save as a PDF.

Fairhaven Registrar Contact

Emily Marrs | | 360-650-3701