Jennifer Hahn



I am an alumnus of Fairhaven College (BA Writing, Literature and Ecology) and Huxley College (BS and MA Environmental Studies). I shuttle between work as a writer, teacher, researcher of Salish Sea seaweed, naturalist, and Alaska wilderness guide. My interests include natural history of the PNW and Sonoran Desert/Baja, sustainable food systems, regional food sovereignty--especially in regard to Salish Sea Tribes and First Nations, creative non-fiction writing, place-based storytelling, and travel by ocean kayak and pack. I have two published books, “Spirited Waters: Soloing South Through the Inside Passage” (Mountaineers Books) and “Pacific Feast: A Cook’s Guide to Pacific Northwest Foraging and Cuisine” (Skipstone). I have taught at Fairhaven for ten years. My coursework includes Topics in Sciences courses such as: “Wild Food” and “Plate & Planet.” In the 2020-21 academic year, I am teaching FAIR 403b: Summary and Evaluation and FAIR 336n: Wild Foods.