From Global Learning to Global Health



Rachel Clark received an ALG to witness how community-based organizations improve health in Kenya in 2011. She graduated from Fairhaven in 2013 with a concentration in Health Inequity and Medicine. Dr. Clark (Rachel) is now an internal medicine resident in the Bronx and continues to push for a more just healthcare system that is centered in community, mutual aid, and laughter. 


Rachel Lee received an ALG to study ceramics and language in East Asia in 2004. Her concentration, titled Language, Photography and Ceramics in Cultural Context, was completed in 2006. Rachel has worked in direct patient care for over 25 years, and, since 2011, in Family Practice as a Nurse Practitioner in non-profit multicultural environments. She is homeschooling three hilarious children in beautiful Bellingham. Rachel believes that cultivating a vital microbiome using healthy lifestyle strategies gives her happiness.


Tim Werwie was awarded an ALG in 2006, titled “The Rhythm of the Desert Shore,” to explore the roots of American jazz and folk music in traditional Senegalese and Malian drumming and stringed music. Tim has Masters degrees in fine arts and public health, and works at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. He supports and designs public health communication programs that promote youth access to family planning, gender equitable decision-making, and positive social norms in West Africa. Tim continues to play and record his own music, and escapes to the mountains whenever possible to rock climb.

Speaker Name

Rachel Clark MD, Rachel Lee NP, and Prof. Tim Werwie MPH