Food, Energy, Climate Nexus

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:20pm



As evidence mounts that human activities are changing the climate in ways that harm both natural and systems and people, humanity faces an unprecedented set of challenges to create a future trajectory that allows us to live within our planetary means.  This talk will summarize key ways in which global food production, fossil fuel use and climate change are interrelated.  In particular, we will explore what solutions to the climate crisis will also allow us to address the need to feed 10 billion humans by the end of this century while addressing the systemic forces that cause the less privileged globally bear the brunt of the environmental and human cost of climate change.



Jack Herring Dean of Fairhaven College

Jack's research interests are primarily in the search for solutions to the most pressing of today's environmental and social quandaries.  While he always considers these problems in a systematic, global framework, he is often drawn to community-based solutions that scale better to our natural forms of human organization.