Core: Humanities and the Expressive Arts I



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Throughout history art has both adorned and justified the lifestyles of the rich and famous. From huge and idealized statues of rulers and deities to the often-frilly paintings of 18th Century French Rococo, art has both pandered to and titillated the upper classes. However, it is a rash over-simplification to dismiss the entire history of Art as catering only to the tastes and values of the wealthy and powerful. In this course we will not only investigate how art has been and still is complicit with power and wealth, but also how artists and theorists both create and advocate for art that critiques and resists power, voices alternative experiences and identities, promotes and supports social and environmental justice, and envisions possible futures.

Students will draft and create 3 visual art projects based upon themes discussed in the course. Students will write artist statements for each project and present them in class on the specified due dates. Students will also write response papers on the required readings and videos, and give an oral presentation on an artist whose work addresses topics discussed in class. Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions on topics discussed in the readings and videos.

Please note: While course fees go to providing some basic art supplies, students will still need to purchase their own supplies for use at home. Students are invited to utilize the art studio when available. A suggested supplies list will be provided to registered students the week before the quarter begins.



Fairhaven admissions.

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No text is required. All required readings will be made available either on Canvas or online.


S/NX grading; narrative evaluation.

Credit will be based upon regular engaged attendance, quality of coursework, adherence to project guidelines and due dates, and informed and consistent class participation.


Winter 2024

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John Feodorov

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