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This course provides an introduction to dance and movement as they are used in therapeutic settings. Activities will range from simple movement (like turning towards and demonstrating open body posture), to experiential dance activities meant to express complex emotions and interpersonal dynamics. We will investigate historical uses of dance as therapy, and explore the ways in which creativity and movement benefits the whole body, which includes the mind. Dance or dance therapy is defined here as intentional movement meant to express. You do not have to be a dancer to be in this course. While movement is a part of this class, all students will be encouraged to define movement according to their individual abilities.  

Some key questions we explore in this course are: how can a change in the body effect change in the mind? What is the role of play in personal growth? How does one become certified in arts therapy? What challenges do arts therapists face?

Note: this course is not group therapy, nor are the activities presented in it a substitute for therapy. Students interested in exploring and healing personal trauma will be referred to the WWU counseling center.



FAIR 202A or equivalent 

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S/NX grading. Narrative evaluation


Fall 2023

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Damian K. Cade

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