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This course examines the role of fungi (mushrooms) in ecosystems and several components of human health such as food and medicine. While this class will include an introduction to mushroom identification, the main objective is to provide students with the opportunity to conduct original mycology research. Students will participate in two studies. A class study facilitated by the instructor will be used to workshop each step of the scientific method while small groups will run studies that they develop and conduct on their own.

The course will include several local field trips and participants should be prepared to walk for 1-2 miles both on and off-trail in rainy or sunny weather.

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S/NX grading; narrative evaluation
Students will complete a narrative self evaluation due at the end of the quarter based on the following assignments:
1. A draft research proposal
2. A final research proposal
3. Final report
4. Weekly field/lab reports
5. Participation in seminars, labs, field trips, and activities.
6. Students that miss more than two class periods without prior arrangement may not receive credit.


Fall 2023

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Abe Lloyd

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